Site etiquette

This is a collaborative project that aims to give everyone a voice. With your help we can become the best online resource on the US Army Air Forces in Britain. Given this, please bear in mind the following points when using the site:

Encourage involvement

  • Please encourage the involvement of different users.
  • Think about how you’re coming across to other users, especially those who are new to the subject matter. 
  • Don’t overwrite others contributions – add your information to theirs instead unless it’s changing facts.


Cite your sources

  • Write up your sources in a way that makes it easier for the next person to find where you got the information from.
  • Make it clear which bit of information you’ve added relates to which source.
  • It’s good to add links to online sources, but also describe them in case the website they link to is taken down.


Be clear and considerate

  • Make each page as easy to read through as possible by using paragraph breaks and sentence case.
  • If you add biographical material, try to do it bearing in mind that lots of people aren’t familiar with military abbreviations.
  • Be considerate about where you're adding information, try to put it in the place it fits best.


Share and attribute

  • Don’t plagiarise other people’s work! Share and attribute.


Terms & Conditions

For further information about site behaviour and use, please check out Terms & Conditions.

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