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Built for the RAF between 1935-38, and in use by the RAF from 1938-1943, the airfield was enlarged with concrete runways in 1943. Used by both the Eighth Air Force (it was 8 ASC HQ) and Ninth Air Force 1943, it was Troop Carrier Command HQ (later 9th Troop Carrier Command), and home to the 50th Troop Carrier Wing HQ 1943. The 316th Troop Carrier Group were based here in 1944-45, as well as the HQ of the 52nd TCW. Handed back to the RAF, it was in use as an active RAF station until 2012, when it was taken over by the British Army, and known as Kendrew Barracks.



  • Donald Ashling

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Crew Chief | 316th Troop Carrier Group

  • Frank Bleier

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Radio Operator | 316th Troop Carrier Group

  • James Bramlette

    Military | Captain | 316th Troop Carrier Group
    Killed in Action in C-47 on 24 March 1945, during Operation Varsity.

  • Virgil Buie

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot | 316th Troop Carrier Group

  • Anthony Camarda

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 316th Troop Carrier Group

  • Cletis Carmean

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Crew Chief | 316th Troop Carrier Group

  • Albert Chandler

    Military | Lieutenant | Co-pilot | 316th Troop Carrier Group

  • Lynn Cochran

    Military | Lieutenant | 316th Troop Carrier Group

  • Arnold Cook

    Military | Lieutenant | Co-pilot | 316th Troop Carrier Group
    Arnold Cook participated in Operation Neptune and dropped the 2-505 PIR, 82nd Airborne at H-Hour minus 6. Two days later, he flew a re-supply mission at 800 feet and his plane was hit 168 times in the left wing and tail section. Six days later, his...

  • Howard Copeland

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 316th Troop Carrier Group

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  • 42-108877

    C-47 Skytrain
    Took part in Operation Eagle on 12 May 1944. After successfully completing the practice jump, the aircraft collided with C-47 42-92679 on the return journey. Crews reported a large explosion and a bright flash. All members of the crew were killed in...

  • 42-23931

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-15179

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-15184

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-15185

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-15498

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-15638

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-15641

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-15659

    C-47 Skytrain

  • 43-36782

    CG-4A Haig
    CG-4A glider of the 316th Troop Carrier Group, serial number 43-36782.

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