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Smith’s Lawn

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Detailed history

At south end of Windsor Great Park, Smith's Lawn was constructed in 1929 as a private landing ground for the Prince of Wales, (later King Edward VIII). Late in 1940, Vickers-Armstrong's built a small, aircraft factory nearby that took advantage of the airfield for the remainder of the war. Tiger Moths of 18 EFTS arrived in July 1941 and stayed until February 1945.
When the US Ninth Air Force HQ came to Sunninghill Park - only 4 miles distant - in October 1943, aircraft of the 316th Squadron, 31st Transport Group were based at Smith's Lawn to meet the needs of the HQ. The types of aircraft involved included UC-78 Bobcat, UC-64 Norseman, L-5 Sentinel. There is also anecdotal evidence of C-47s. The unit remained as lodgers at Smith's Lawn until early 1945. The airfield closed in the Summer of 1945 and eventually became home to the largest polo ground in Europe

English Heritage's record description

Not yet known



  • AB199 'Mespotamia'

    Supermarine Spitfire AB199 Mk Vb, Const #2391, Built at Eastleigh. ...

  • R6397

    Airspeed Oxford R6397, assigned to HQ Sqn, 9th AF USAAF. Crashed on takeoff Smith's Lawn Sta 472 due to ice on wings, Cat 5 damage, pilot Lt John W Smith, 26-Nov-43. SOC. ...

  • W6582

    Airspeed Oxford W6582, assigned to HQ Sqn 9AF USAAF.


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Information comes from research I carried out in connection with an article I contributed to the Airfield Research Group's journal and published in its June 2013 issue.

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