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Castle Camps

Military site : airfield

RAF Castle Camps opened in June 1940 as a satellite station of Debden, it was used by a number of RAF Squadrons during the Second World War including No 85 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. In July 1943, the airfield was re-designated a satellite station of RAF North Weald. The airfield closed in January 1946 and the site was reverted to agricultural use.

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English Heritage's record description

A former military airfield opened in 1940 and closed in 1946. The site is situated straddling the Essex- Cambridgeshire border to the south of Castle Camps. The airfield was used for fighter and night fighter operations. Initially it had only grass runways and tented accommodation, intended as a satellite of Debden Airfield. It was used during the Battle of Britain by B Flight of 85 Squadron, and 73 Squadron (both flying Hurricanes) During December 1942 and 1943, the airfield was upgraded with tarmac runways, permanent dispersed accommodation and 8 blister aircraft hangars and one Bellman aircraft hangar. The airfield housed the very first Mosquito night fighters in the RAF (flown by 157 Squadron). The base was then used by a number of Mosquito squadrons, including 605 Squadron and 410 (Canadian) Squadron. Other using the airfield included 527 Squadron and 486 (New Zealand) Squadron (the latter flying Typhoons). In 1945 the use of the base was wound down. In 1946 it was closed to flying, when it passed to War Office control and was used as a storage depot. In 1948 it was disposed of altogether, returning to agricultural use.



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