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Detailed history

Muqeible Airfield is an abandoned military airfield located in the northern West Bank, approximately 1 km southwest of the village of Muqeible, Israel and 3 km north of Jenin.

The airfield was built in 1917 in the Ottoman Southern Syria by the German Luftstreitkräfte. In 1918, after the Battle of Megiddo, the airport was used as a military airfield by the Royal Air Force, being designated RAF Muqeible. It was also used by the United States Army Air Force during the World War II North African Campaign. USAAF Ninth Air Force units were assigned to the airfield upon their initial arrival in the area, and once assembled were reassigned to combat airfields in Egypt to fly missions against the Axis forces in Western Egypt and Libya. Known USAAF units which used the airfield were:
57th Fighter Group, 20 July-15 September 1942, P-40 Warhawk
64th Fighter Squadron, 19 August-16 September 1942
65th Fighter Squadron, 29 July-5 August 1942; 29 August-16 September 1942

After the war, the airfield appears to have been abandoned. Today, the airfield consists of two crumbling concrete runways, one aligned northeast/southwest about 02/20, the other east-west 09/18. The east-west still remaining full width and length, with a road laid down over the runway. Agricultural fields have been formed from the grassy areas of the airfield but no structures remain of the support base. Small concrete farm roads in the vicinity of the airfield runways are the remainders of taxiways

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  • 57th Fighter Group

    57th Fighter Group

    The group was first activated as the 57th Pursuit Group in January 1941, flying P-40 Warhawks as part of the Army Air Corps Northeast Defense Sector (later assigned to the I Fighter Command) at Mitchel Field, New York. It trained in New England and...


  • Marshall Cordell

    Military | Sergeant (Technician Fourth Grade) | Ground Crew Mechanic | 57th Fighter Group

  • James Curl

    Military | Major | fighter pilot-1055 single engine/squadron commander | 52nd Fighter Group
    CO 66th FS 57th FG and 2nd FS 52nd FG Awarded British DSO by Air Marshal Sir William Sholto Douglas KIA March 18, 1945 MACR 13066

  • Frank Mears

    Military | Colonel | Fighter Pilot - Group Commander | 57th Fighter Group
    "If we are to look at firsts, the 57th Fighter Group is one, the first American Fighter Group to be used in the role of tactical air operations. With the activation of the 9th Air Force, the 57th F.G. was its first assigned fighter group. In turn it...

  • Lyman Middleditch

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot | 57th Fighter Group

  • Peter Mitchell

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot | 57th Fighter Group

  • Jack Saux

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot | 57th Fighter Group


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