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Lilford Hall

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The 303rd Station Hospital was formed in the Spring of 1943, and arrived at Lilford Hall in September that year. Its initial 750 beds were used by patients from nearby airbases at Polebrook, Molesworth and Grafton Underwood, mostly wounded airmen. After D-Day, capacity was increased to 1,500 beds. According to the Thrapston Heritage, 'afterwards, some of those treated at the hospital thought it was in Thrapston. They probably arrived at Thrapston railway station and as it was only a short drive to Lilford, it would be understandable.'

The presence of the 303rd Station Hospital at Lilford Hall also likely explains the stationing of two Medical Supply Platoons (the 46th and 6th) in Thrapston.

A detailed account of the formation of this medical unit, and of their time at Lilford Hall, can be found here: and

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  • Amelia Nicklaus

    Military | Lieutenant | Nurse
    Amelia Nicklaus served as an Army Nurse with 160th Station Hospital at Lilford Hall England. After the war she worked at Crile Veteran's Hospital in Parma, OH. She married Gerald K. Tremmel in April 1947.


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