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Detailed history

During the Liberation of France, the airfield was sized by Allied Forces during September, 1944 and taken over by the United States Army Air Force. The IX Engineer Command repaired the war-damaged base and it was designated by the Americans as Saint-Dizier Airfield or Advanced Landing Ground A-64. It was turned over to the Ninth Air Force for operational use on 9 October for fighter and reconnaissance units, as well as for command and control. The following known USAAF units operated from the airfield:
HQ, 100th Fighter Wing, 19 September-29 December 1944.
27th Fighter Group, February–March 1945, A-36 Apache (12th AF)
367th Fighter Group, 1 February-14 May 1945, P-47 Thunderbolt
405th Fighter Group, 14 September 1944-9 February 1945, P-47 Thunderbolt
10th Reconnaissance Group, September–November 1944 (Various photo-reconnaissance aircraft)

With the end of the war in Europe in May, 1945 the Americans began to withdraw their aircraft and personnel. Right after the war, some captured Messerschmitt Me 262s landed at the base, on their way to channel ports to be shipped to the United States for evaluation (Operation Lusty). Control of the airfield was turned over to French authorities on 5 July.[7]

In 1950/51 when as a result of the Cold War threat of the Soviet Union, Saint Dizier-Robinson Air Base was proposed by the United States Air Force to become a NATO light bomber air base as part of a NATO commitment to establish a modern Air Force Base at the site. In the ongoing negotiations, the site was ultimately rejected.[8]

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  • Clinton Albright

    Military | Flight Officer | Fighter Pilot | 405th Fighter Group
    Assigned to 511FS, 405FG, 9AF USAAF. Transferred to 62FS, 56FG, 8AF. End of War.

  • Robert Anderson

    Military | First Lieutenant | photographer
    He was a photo reconnaissance pilot with the Army Air Corps, flew missions from France and Belgium, including the Battle of the Bulge, in the winter of 1944/1945. Born February 20, 1924 and raised in San Leandro California, Bob enlisted at the age of...

  • Richard Berry

    Military | 370th Fighter Group

  • Arlie Blood

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot | 405th Fighter Group

  • Albert Bouffard

    Military | First Lieutenant | 370th Fighter Group

  • William Brackett

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 10th Photographic Reconnaissance Group
    He enlisted reserve corps on 29 may 1942 and sought aviation cadet training On 3 November 1943. He entered active service as a second lieutenant and continued training in single engine aircraft. He departed the United States on 23 August 1944 to serve...

  • Dean Burns

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 370th Fighter Group
    Pilot P-38 'Droop Snoot' 44-23162, flew recon of Mortain area, due to overcast reduced altitude and A/C was hit by flak in starboard engine, lost control and baled out along with Observer Major William K Collonan 2 x MIA/FOD. MACR 7862. Awards: PH.

  • Oscar Carlson

    Military | Sergeant | 405th Fighter Group

  • George Carter

    Military | 405th Fighter Group

  • J Cheatham

    Military | 405th Fighter Group

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