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Stanbridge Earls

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Detailed history

Stanbridge Earls was the first Rest Home opened by the USAAF. It was a large, historic, country house and estate located a mile and a half north west of Romsey in Hampshire.
For USAAF combat air crews in the UK, home leave was impossible. So the doctors responsible for their well-being believed the next best thing would be Rest Homes, using the tranquillity, comfort and freedom from military routine achievable at English country houses or hotels.
Aircrew could, at least once during their tour, come for a week away from the horrors of war. After which it was hoped they would return to their units, refreshed.
At the rest home, they were provided with civilian clothes. Uniforms only appeared for the evening dinner. Air Service Command supplied an administrative commanding officer, an adjutant and enlisted helpers. A Medical Officer, rotated each week from operational units, provided any necessary emergency care or medical advice.
American Red Cross girls acted as hostesses, supervising the recreation and dining. The American Red Cross also employed and managed the civilian staff needed to run the house and maintain the grounds.
Stanbridge Earls was set up to accommodate 30 officers and was allocated to men from the 1st Air Division, until the end of the war in Europe
In September 1952, it became a residential, co-educational, special needs school but closed in September 2013.

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