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Cambridge American Cemetery


Detailed history

The Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial is the only American Second World War military cemetery in the British Isles. The cemetery contains 3,812 headstones of American men and women who died during the Battle of the Atlantic, the Strategic Bombing Campaign and on British soil. A further 5,127 names are commemorated on the Wall of Missing. A memorial Chapel and visitor centre also honour the dead, and provide information on those commemorated and an understanding of the crucial campaign they fought in.

The Cambridge American Cemetery was established as a temporary cemetery, Cambridge American Military Cemetery, on land donated by the University of Cambridge in 1943 outside the village of Madingley in Cambridgeshire. It was selected as the permanent memorial to fallen American servicemen in Britain after the War, and was designed by Perry, Shaw Hepburn and Dean and landscaped by the Olmsted Brothers. The cemetery was dedicated in 1956 and is owned and maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission.

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  • Clarence Aaberg

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Command Pilot | 447th Bomb Group
    Lt. Clarence Aaberg was killed (KIA) on his 3rd mission, flying the B-17, 42-37855, returning from a mission to Regensburg, Germany, 25 February 1944. His Fortress was hit and lost the #3 engine 10 minutes after bombing it's target. The crew saw quite...

  • Frank Abbadessa

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Radio Operator, Radio Operator Gunner | 95th Bomb Group
    Shot down 11 December 1943 in B-17 #42-30182 'Blondie II'. Killed in Action (KIA)

  • George Aguayo

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Radio Operator | 389th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 565BS, 389BG, 8AF USAAF. Killed on mission to Solingen, B-24 42-40793 'Blonds Away' was damaged by fighters and exploded while trying to land 1-Dec-43. Killed in Action (KIA) Awards: DFC, AM, PH.

  • Marvin Albertson

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot | 353rd Fighter Group
    Assigned to 350FS, 353FG, 8AF USAAF. Mid Air Collision when his P-51 42-14422 collided with P-51 42-14791 and crashed at Wilden, Worcestershire, England. Killed in Flying Accident KIFA 27-Oct-44. Awards: DFC, AM (2OLC), PH.

  • David Allen

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Flight engineer / Top turret | 491st Bomb Group
    Assigned to 852BS, 491BG, 8AF USAAF. 30 x combat missions. Crashed, exploded and burned 5-Jan-45 in assembly ship B-24 44-40165 'Rage in Heaven' near Swaffham after taking off in a snowstorm to lead the assembly of the group. Killed in Action (KIA) ...

  • Robert Allison

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Top Turret Gunner | 25th Bomb Group
    Assigned 652BS, 25BG, 8AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Atlantic weather mission 17-Mar-45 in B-17 44-8601; Allah weather flight disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean. Believed to have ditched west of St. Eval due to mechanical failure. Killed in Action ...

  • Harry Anderson

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 379th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 524BS, 379BG, 8AF USAAF. 2 x combat missions. Failed to Return (FTR) Bremen / Wilhelmshaven in B-17 42-29915 11-Jun-43; Shot down, plane crashed into North Sea. Killed in Action (KIA). MACR 1760 Awards: AM, PH.

  • Robert Anderson

    Military | Sergeant | 381st Bomb Group
    "Sgt. Robert H. Anderson, of Thaxton, Virginia, a member of the 7th Station Complement Squadron was accidentally shot in the left chest about 1630 hours and died in the Station hospital a few minutes later. The shot was fired by Sgt. Martin L. Miller,...

  • Roy Anderson

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner | 91st Bomb Group The Ragged Irregulars
    Assigned to 401BS, 91BG, 8AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Toulouse, France in B-17 42-37958 'Old Faithful' 25-Jun-44; crashed in farmyard at Snag Farm, Stoke Trister, Wincannon, Somerset. Killed in Action (KIA) Awards: PH.

  • Paul Arthaud

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 34th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 391BS, 34BG, 8AF USAAF. Eastman crew. Failed to Return Tourre in B-24 42-52738 'Wilson' 7-Jun-44; enemy fighter followed A/C back to home base, shot down in landing circuit. Killed in Action (KIA) Awards: AM, PH.

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Buried or commemorated

  • Arthur Adams

    Military | Sergeant | 447th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA)

  • Seymour Ausfresser

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 448th Bomb Group
    Seymour Ausfresser was a Navigator in Crew 1 assigned to 712th BS, 448th BG, 8th USAAF in Seething, England. Crew 1 was flying B-24H (41-28711) "LITTLE SHEPPARD" on mission to bomb the synthetic oil plant in Brux, Czechoslovakia on 21 Apr 1944, when it...

  • Walter Bailey

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Radio Operator | 96th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 338BS, 96BG, 8AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Rostock in B-17 42-31447 'Cookie' 11-Apr-44; plane crashed into Baltic. Killed in Action (KIA). MACR 3811 Awards: AM (2OLC), EAME, PH.

  • George Barton

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Radio Operator | 398th Bomb Group
    Ted, as he was known to his friends, was assigned to 603BS, 398BG, 8AF USAAF. Cologne mission 15-Oct-44; Crashed 1000yds from end of runway near Anstey Church, bomb load exploded on impact. Killed in Action (KIA) MACR 15229 ...

  • Leroy Bayless

    Military | Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 398th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 603BS, 398BG, 8AF USAAF. Leroy was a tail gunner in B-17 42-97387 "Maude an' Maria". He was killed over Cologne Germany on 15-Oct-44 on his very first mission. His cause of death is listed as "hypoxia" or "anoxia", by varying accounts. ...

  • Alan Bobrow

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 91st Bomb Group The Ragged Irregulars
    Assigned to 323BS, 91BG, 8AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Hamm, Germany in B-17 41-24544 'Pennsylvania Polka' 4-Feb-43; attacked by fighters, crashed in North Sea near Terschelling Island. Killed in Action (KIA). MACR 3557 & 4635 Awards: AM, PH.

  • George Bracken

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Fighter pilot | 56th Fighter Group
    George was born in Chicago, IL the only child of George M. Bracken, Sr. and Marie E. Kenney Bracken on 17 June 1921. His mother unfortunately died a week after his birth and he was raised in Chicago by his father. He was the grandson of Andrew James...

  • Val Crofts

    Military | Flight Officer | Pilot | 381st Bomb Group
    He and his crew were Killed in Action (KIA) 21 January 1945 in mid-air collision over base. He was the co-pilot of the B-17G "Egg Haid." His family has no words to say how much they love him and are proud of him and his brothers-in-arms.

  • Clinton Ehret

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 96th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 338BS, 96BG, 8AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Rostock in B-17 42-31447 'Cookie' 11-Apr-44; plane crashed into Baltic. Killed in Action (KIA). MACR 3811 ...

  • Theodore Furness

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-pilot | 64th Troop Carrier Group
    Assigned to 18TCS, 64TCG, USAAF. Co-pilot aboard C-47 41-7803 crashed at Moel y Gaer mountain 23-Aug-42. Died Non Battle (DNB). Awards: PH.

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