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Built for the RAF in 1940-41, Eighth Air Force lodger units moved in in 1942. The 52nd Fighter Group and 82nd Fighter Group used the airfield, before the Royal Navy moved in and occupied the base until 1959. Partly closed, it was still used by the Royal Navy for helicopters between 1960 and 1966. From 1966 it has been home to Eglinton Flying Club. From 1967-1994 it was known as Londonderry Eglinton Airport, and City of Derry Airport from 1994 to date.



  • 52nd Fighter Group

    52nd Fighter Group

    Two of the Squadrons of the 52nd Fighter Group flew Spitfires with RAF Fighter Command in August and early September 1942 from Northern Ireland. After these preparatory missions, the Group joined the Twelfth and then Fifteenth Air Force in the...

  • 82nd Fighter Group

    82nd Fighter Group

    The 82nd Fighter Group flew training missions from bases in Northern Ireland between October and December 1942. They then joined the Twelfth Air Force in North Africa, supporting the ground invasion of Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. Between October 1943...

  • No 133 'Eagle' Squadron

    No 133 'Eagle' Squadron

    'On 1 August 1941, No. 133 reformed at Coltishall as the third 'Eagle' Squadron manned by American personnel. Equipped with Hurricanes it became operational at the end of September. The next month the Squadron moved to Northern Ireland, returning to...


  • James Coxetter

    Military | Pilot Officer | Pilot
    Joined RAFVR, Polaris Flight Academy, assigned to 133S, replacement pilot Eglinton Oct-41 Killed in a flying action 27-Oct-41. Repatriated to the USA.

  • Hugh McCall

    Military | Pilot Officer | Pilot
    Joined RAFVR, assigned to 133S member of B flight. ...

  • Cecil Meierhoff

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 413th Fighter Group
    Graduate of Florence High School, Class of 1937. He attended the Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia, Kansas. He was a Phi Sigma Epsilon Rush Captain. Cecil left college after his third year, because he wanted to become a fighter pilot. He jumped...

  • Gerald Rounds

    Military | Major | Fighter pilot | 82nd Fighter Group
    Gerald Rounds served as a fighter pilot with the 97th Fighter Squadron of the 82nd Fighter Group, flying P-38s in the Mediterranean Theater.

  • George Zientowski

    Military | Major | pilot | 52nd Fighter Group
    Pilot Spitfire/P-39, assigned to 5th FS, 52nd FG, 8th AF. Served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.


  • AR404

    Supermarine Spitfire AR404 Mk Vb, Built at Westland. ...

  • EN951

    Supermarine Spifire EN951 Mk Vb, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircaft Factory. ...

  • W3942

    Supermarine Spitfire W3942 Mk Vb, Const # 2078 Built at High Post. ...

  • AB897

    Supermarine Spitfire AB897 Mk Vb, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. ...

  • EN894

    Supermarine Spitfire EN894 Mk Vb, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. ...

  • AA754

    Supermarine Spifire AA754 Mk Vb, Const #2161, Built at Chattis Hill. ...

  • AA753

    Supermarine Spifire AA753 Mk Vb, Const #2154 Built at Chattis Hill. ...

  • W3264

    Supermarine Spitfire W3264 Mk Vb, Const #1730, Built at Eastleigh. ...

  • P7849 'Armagh'

    Supermarine Spitfire P7849 Mk IIa, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. ...

  • EN772

    Supermarine Spitfire EN772 Mk Vb, Built at Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory. ...

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