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Harry L Lewis Jr


Flew 14 missions in 1945

Retired as a Senior Master Sergeant from the USAF



  • Elmer Anderson

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 466th Bomb Group

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Units served with

  • 466th Bomb Group

    466th Bomb Group

    The 466th Bomb Group flew B-24 Liberators from Attlebridge, Norfolk, during the last year of the war in Europe. The Group flew 232 missions in the course of the year and celebrated the 100th one by inviting local people onto the base to mark the...

  • 787th Bomb Squadron



  • 869

    7 March 1945

  • 872

    8 March 1945
    Mission 872: 1,353 bombers and 326 fighters are dispatched to hit benzol plants, an oil plant and rail targets in Germany using PFF; NO AIRCRAFT ARE LOST AND THERE ARE NO CASUALTIES! ...

  • 881

    11 March 1945
    Narrative - Official Air Force Mission Description ...

  • 892

    17 March 1945

  • 8th Air Force 911

    24 March 1945
    "8th AF Aided Paratroops ...

  • 8th Air Force 920

    31 March 1945

  • 8th Air Force 931

    7 April 1945
    1,200 Heavies Hit Reich After 1-Day Nazi Air Bid ...

  • 8th Air Force 935

    9 April 1945
    "Heavy bombers of the 8th Air Force once more struck at the source of German air power when over 1,250 Fortresses and Liberators, protected by approximately 750 fighters, hammered ten airfields in the vicinity of Munich, besides attacking an oil depot...

  • 8th Air Force 938

    10 April 1945

  • 8th Air Force 941

    11 April 1945

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Associated Place

  • Attlebridge

    Military site : airfield
    Attlebridge was constructed for RAF use and completed to that standard in 1942. However, with news that it was to be assigned to the American Air Force, the runways were extended and additional hardstandings and outbuildings constructed for the heavy...


Event Location Date
Born Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 5 November 1925
466th BG Combat Tour Attlebridge, Norwich, UK 7 March 1945 – 18 April 1945

Completed 14 combat missions

1st Combat Mission Soest, Germany 7 March 1945

Saw my first flak today - sort of fascinating. I also did a little praying. I'd been planning it for quite a while.
Mission time - 6:05 hours
Bombs - 12 500 lbs. Incendiaries
Ship - #255 "Lady"

2nd Combat Mission Dillenburg, Germany 8 March 1945

Hit the target. It was a very nice day about the 10/10 clouds. Saw the vapor train of a V-2 bomb headed for England. Saw some Nazi fighters. One hole in the ship.
Mission time - 6:30 hours
Bombs - 12 - 500 lbs Incendiaries
Ship - #42-50666

3rd Combat Mission Kiel, Germany 11 March 1945

The waist gunner knelt beside is waist gun and prayed for us all. Himself too I imagine. It is one of the roughest targets in Germany. Couldn't see the bombs hit because of clouds. It was a very rough day. The flak was intense and accurate. There were 44 holes in the aircraft.
Mission time: 6:30
Bombs - 52 - 100 lbs GP
Aircraft: #42-50791 "Judy Sue"

4th combat mission Hanover, Germany 17 March 1945

Flak was accurate and intense. Clouds were 10/10th, thank God for that. These last two missions have really been something. The target today was a tank factory. On the way back today we passed close to Magdeburg and Hamburg. Those places had been hit while on our way there and on our way back. Smoke coming up from both places up to 18,000 feet. I'll never forget that for the rest of my life. More Nazi fighters. Taylor shot at one. Three fighters were shot down by our group. We lost three ships. There were 12 holes in our aircraft.
Mission time: 6:30
Bombs - 12 500 lbs RDX
Aircraft: #42-50791 "Judy Sue"

5th combat mission Nordhorn, Germany 24 March 1945

Today was my first visual mission. Quite exciting. I sort of liked it. Not so much flak. The target was just across the Dutch border in Germany. Saw a lot of activity on the ground today. It looks like the British are about to move. On the way back we saw a ship ditch in the North Sea. One hole in our ship.
Mission Time: 6:45
Bombs - 34 - 150 lbs GP
Aircraft #42-50791 "Judy Sue"

6th combat mission 29456 Hitzacker, Germany 25 March 1945

A very rough day for the crew as Mello, Bell and Carr had the "G.I.'s" It's really no fun at altitude. No flak, but enemy fighters were in the area. On our way back, two B-24's collided and crashed in the English Channel. (this probably happened on the way out as two B-24's of the 392nd BG collided and crashed near Skeyton.) No navigator on this mission.
Mission time: 6:42
Bomb Load: 28 - 250 lbs GP

7th Combat Mission 56244 Krümmel, Germany 7 April 1945

First mission as a navigator. I really sweated this one out. I learned a lot today. It was visual. One ship got knocked out of the air by flak, I didn't see it however. I dread the day that I see one go down in flames. This navigation deal sure puts a guy in a rough spot! Three ships shot down out of our squadron. I still haven't seen them go down. I was too busy with navigation. Nine holes in the ship, missed me by a hair. I was really scared.
Mission Time: 6:50
Bomb Load: 17 - 500 lbs GP
Bombed from 21,000 feet

8th combat mission Lechfeld, Germany 9 April 1945

Well today I saw what I always dreaded; I saw a B-24 go down and only seven men bailed out. Then she blew up. The last three men didn't have a chance. Their chutes opened by were set afire by the explosion and sent those boys down to their death. (this wasn't a 466th BG ship). Just before the target we had to feather the #1 engine. Then I really sweated out our navigator - me! But the pilot followed the bomber stream back and everything was well. We saw another aircraft land in the Channel (probably a B-17 from the 390th BG) and a British gun boat throwing out depth charges. One of our aircraft crashed on takeoff (it was a blown tire on B-24J #42-95194. Everyone was safe) . No flak holes thank GOD!
Mission Time: 7:15
Bomb Load: 12 - 500 lbs GP

9th combat mission 17248 Lärz, Germany 10 April 1945

I saw a B-17 knocked down. No one got out. Flak was there, but not in the right place. Visual bombing as they all have been since my 4th mission. The missions seem to be getting longer with each one. Today we had one bomb hang up and Jes kicked it out about 10 miles from the target and it just smashed the hell out of a farm house. I pity the guy who it landed near. More Nazi fighters but our P-51's scared the hell out of them. Only one hole in the ship today, through the wing.
Mission Time: 7:40
Bomb Load: 5 - 1000 lbs GP
Bombed from 21,000 feet
Aircraft: "42-95255 "Lady"

10th combat mission Regensburg, Germany 11 April 1945

We did a very good job of bombing today. When our bombs hit we must have hit a tanker because we really saw a lot of smoke. Today we weren't very high over the front lines and we really saw some torn up ground. I don't see how the German people take what they do. Flak. This was rough target. Our B-24 really got it. Scared me. The flak was too rough. We had 27 holes in our ship. I just don't know how no one gets hit.
Mission Time: 8:15
Bomb Load: 6 - 1000 lbs GP
Aircraft: "Joyce"

11th combat mission Pointe de Grave, 33123 Le Verdon-sur-Mer, France 14 April 1945

The target was a peninsula where 122,000 Nazis have been holing up since the beginning of the war. There was no flak. We hit gun positions. The whole 8th AF was there and it sure got hit hard. We saw Nazi fighters but they were manned by Poles and French. We were told not to shoot at any aircraft.
Mission Time: 7:55
Bomb Load: 3 - 2000 lbs GP
Bombed from 14,000 feet. Low, but we could really see the bombs hit
Aircraft: #42-95255 "Lady"

12th combat mission 17200 Royan, France 15 April 1945

Target was a town near yesterday's target. The new bomb (napalm) when it hits throws fire for a 60 yard area. Our altitude today was 14,000 feet again & the bombs when they hit sure do raise hell. We could see specks on the ground running in all directions. On our way out from the target we saw the British had battlewagons hurling shells into the peninsula. They sure went through hell for two days straight. On our way back we flew formation over England at 50 feet! It sure was swell. No holes in the plane for the last two missions.
Mission time: 9:10
Bomb load - Napalm
Aircraft: #42-95255 "Lady"

13th combat mission Karlsbad, Germany 17 April 1945

Very nice day. No flak, no fighters, no nothing. We had the best bomb hits I've ever seen! Our group sure had some swell bomb hits. I am still flying as navigator.
Mission time: 7:15
Bomb load: 12 - 500 lbs GP
Aircraft: #44-40253 "Hard Luck"

14th and Final combat mission Passau, Germany 18 April 1945

Targeted the marshaling yards. Another beautiful hit. I like these kind of missions. No flak. No fighters. I'm now beginning to wonder how many more missions I will have to fly as the infantry is moving so fast, we don't know where to drop our bombs. I sure hope this war doesn't last to long.
Mission time: 8:10
Bomb Load - 5 - 1000 lbs GP
Aircraft: 42-95255 "Lady"

End of War 8 May 1945

War Over! Everyone is either happy or drunk.

Enlisted McChord Air Force Base, WA, USA 1 December 1945

This was a re-enlistment after the war, keeping his rank of Staff Sergeant.

Died New Milford, CT, USA 20 March 2006
Buried Brookfield Center, Brookfield, CT 06804, USA 23 March 2006

Congregational Church of Brookfield Mem Garden
Brookfield Center
Fairfield County
Connecticut, USA
Plot: 44A


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