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Andrew Gowen Lindsay


While serving as Co-Pilot of B-26B-15 MA 41-34971 "Pay Off" the aircraft was attacked by a German fighter and crashed one mile northeast of Brionne near Rouen, France August 22, 1943. He was able to bail out of the stricken aircraft and avoid capture returing to England on 6-Feb-44. (Ref. Escape and Evasion Report 389 at
386th BG was part of the 8th BG from July-October 1943. Lindsay was the last and forth to bail out of the B-26 before it blew up into three large pieces. Landing in an old bean field, he hid his parachute in a pile of vines and hid in the nearby woods. He was quickly located by a young French boy who advised him to stay put as the Germans were looking for him. Lindsay did as he was told (Lindsay spoke French, having taken it as the University of Maine) and relocated under another bush. The some boy returned and ultimately connected him up with a family in Èvreux, France to recover from his burns. Lindsay was now within the control of the French Underground. After recovering from his wounds, be traveled to Paris, Quimper, and other locales until he was able to walk over the Pyrenees to Spain and freedom.


Units served with

  • 386th Bomb Group

    386th Bomb Group

    The 386th Bomb Group flew B-26 Marauders for the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces. Whilst with the Eighth, the Group developed the formation release procedure for the B-26 on missions that targeted aerodromes, marshalling yards and V-weapon sites along the...

  • 554th Bomb Squadron


  • 41-34971 Pay Off

    B-26 Marauder
    B-26C-15-MA 41-34971 "Pay Off" was assigned to 386BG/554BS at Boxted, UK. The aircraft was attacked by an enemy fighter as well as flak on 22-Aug-43 while on a mission to bomb the German airfield of Beaumont Le Roger, France. The fighter attack set the...


  • VIII Air Support Command 30A

    22 August 1943
    36 B-26s from 386BG are despatched to bomb the German airfield of Beaumont Le Roger, France. 35 are effective on the target. 1 B-26 Failed to Return - 2KIA 2POW 2EVD. The bomber gunners claim 3-0-0 of German fighters.

Associated Place

  • Boxted

    Military site : airfield
    Boxted was built for heavy bombers and became operational from May 1943. In the few months B-26 Marauders of the 386th Bomb Group were stationed there, there were two night attacks by the Luftwaffe. On 17 August 1943, one man was killed when bombs...


Event Location Date
Evaded Capture Brionne, France 22 August 1943 – 6 February 1944

Bailed out of the stricken aircraft and evaded capture. Returned to England on 6-Feb-1944.


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As related by my father, Andrew Lindsay

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Provided by son, Major Daniel A Lindsay, USAF-Ret.

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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / Losses of the 8th and 9th AFs by Bishop and Hey, Combat Chronology Supplement, MACR 0375