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Dale E Karger


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Dale E Karger, from McKee’s Rocks, Pennsylvania was in one of the first groups of fighter pilots to be trained without the requirement of a college education. He took an series of tests in early 1943 and was one of the 300 applicants selected. After flight training in (to be edited later ) he was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lt. and arrived in England in August 1943. He was assigned to the 357th Fighter Group, 364th FS ( the Yoxford Boys ) at Station #373 at Leiston, Suffolk.

Call sign Greenhouse 48 he flew B and C models until he was awarded his own aircraft P-51 D C5*U, 44-15026 named Cathy Mae (L)/KARGER'S DOLLIE (R) which was lost 1/10/45 with pilot Lt. Fred McCall while strafing Paderborn airdrome.

Then flew P-51D C5*U, 44-42313 CATHY MAE II until the end of the war. Was credited with 7 1/2 air to air victories and 4 ground kills. He shot down an Me-262 on 1/20/45 north of Munich 3 weeks prior to his 20th birthday. This made him the youngest ace of the 357th, youngest surviving American ace of WW2, and 3rd youngest American ace overall.

List of victories
15/05/44 2 Fw190s
12/24/44 1 Me109
01/14/45 1 Me109
01/20/45 1 Me262
03/02/45 ½ Me109 Shared with Capt. Robt. Schimanski
2 Mistels, Fw190 “piggy backed “ on top or He-111s for 4 total ground kills
03/24/45 2 Me109s

AM w/ 9 Oak Leaf Cluster/ DFC/ ETO/ 2 DUC



  • Fletcher Adams

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot-1055 single engine | 357th Fighter Group
    Assigned to 362FS, 357FG, 8AF USAAF. Nine confirmed kills. Failed to Return (FTR) from bomber escort mission to Bernburg, section bounced out of the sun by four Bf109's. Shot down near Celle in P-51B 43-12468. Baled out safely only to become the 1st...

  • Clarence Anderson

    Military | Colonel | Fighter Pilot-1055 single engine | 357th Fighter Group
    Clarence "Bud" Anderson enlisted shortly after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. He earned his pilots wing in September 1942 and joined the 357th Fighter Group a year later. In late 1943, Anderson and the 357th arrived in Europe, where they quickly...

  • Joseph Black

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Fighter pilot | 357th Fighter Group
    28 missions from England from December 1944 until end of war. Served in Neubiberg, Germany, until March 1946. Air Medals/ Unit Citation

  • Leonard Carson

    Military | Major | Fighter Pilot ; Squadron Commander | 357th Fighter Group
    Leonard Carson joined the 357th Fighter Group in April 1943 and shortly after became an Ace. He won most of his victories in his last few months with the 357th, claiming 5 aircraft on one mission on 27 November 1944, becoming their top scoring ACE...

  • Thomas Hayes

    Military | Brigadier General | Fighter Pilot 1055 single engine | 357th Fighter Group
    Native of Portland, Oregon. Flew P-39 Airacobras with the 35th FG in New Guinea - 2 ground kills 1942-43. Flew P-51B/Ds in ETO. Was CO of the 364th FS and Deputy CO of the 357th FG. 8.5 air kills. B/G USAF retired.

  • Robert Schimanski

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 357th Fighter Group
    70 missions in ETO as P-51 pilot operations officer. Legal officer staff J. 4. Washington Air Guard. DFC, AM, Dist. Unit Citation, 4 Battle Stars 6 Air, 4 Ground

  • Joseph Shea

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 357th Fighter Group

  • Charles Weaver

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot | 357th Fighter Group
    11 total 8 air 3 ground

  • Charles Yeager

    Military | Brigadier General | Fighter Pilot, Pilot | 357th Fighter Group
    Attacked by fighters on a bomber support mission to Bordeaux, FR and crashed SE of Marmande, FR on 5 Mar 44 in P-51B #43-6763 'Glamorous Glen'. Evaded (EVD). ...

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Units served with

  • 357th Fighter Group

    357th Fighter Group

    The 357th Fighter Group was the first P-51 Mustang Group in the Eighth Air Force, training with them from November 1943 at Raydon, England and entering combat with them in the February of the following year from their new base at Leiston. The Group was...

  • 364th Fighter Squadron


Associated Place

  • Leiston

    Military site : airfield
    Leiston's location only three miles from the North Sea Coast made it ideal as a Fighter Group air base whose job would be to escort bombers across the sea and over occupied Europe. The air base also witnessed the arrival of many very damaged Allied...


Event Location Date
Born Templeton, Pennsylvania 14 February 1925


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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / Ted Damick, VIII Fighter Command pilots list / self