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Chris W Christensen


Shot down on 9th mission, 9 May 1944 in B-24 #42-52186, Prisoner of War (POW).




  • Robert Horton

    Military | First Lieutenant | B-24 Command Pilot | 389th Bomb Group
    Lt. Robert Horton was Killed in Action (KIA) while on TDY to the 9th AF during Operation Tidal wave, the bombing mission to the Ploesti, Romania, oil refineries, flying the B-24D, 42-40735, named, Sand-Witch. ...

  • James Lambert

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Waist Gunner | 389th Bomb Group
    Killed in Action (KIA) while on TDY to 9th AF for Ploesti Raid in B-24 'Sand-witch' #42-40735.

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Units served with

  • 453rd Bomb Group

    453rd Bomb Group

    As well as strategic bombardment missions, the 453rd Bomb Group also ferried cargo on two occasions. They hauled petrol, blankets, and rations to France in September 1944 and dropped ammunition, food and medical supplies near Wesel during the airborne...

  • 735th Bomb Squadron



  • Operation Tidal Wave

    1 August 1943
    Operation TIDAL WAVE. B-24D Liberators attack the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania. The bombers flew low to avoid radar detection and dropped time delayed bombs. Out of the 177 B-24s that took part in the raid 167 managed to attack their targets. 57...

Associated Place

  • Berca

    Military site : airfield


Event Location Date
Born Nebraska 22 December 1918
Prisoner of War (POW) Hollland 9 May 1944
Account of the Ploesti Raid. Campina, Romania

"The airplanes going straight in were getting hit. The Hughes airplane (J), third directly ahead of us was on fire but kept going and dropped its bombs into the target. Horton's airplane (C-) directly ahead was getting hit after he released his bombs as he made a slight correction to the right to avoid smoke and flames. Bill Nading and I looked at each other and I concurred by a hand gesture with him to go through the smoke and flames. We were flying at an altitude about half way up the height of the chimney of the power plant, the target of the lead airplanes in each element. Our bombardier released the bombs and we zipped through the smoke and flames. We could see the flash from the barrels of guns shooting at us from pointblank range, but Blonds Away continued to fly normally. I assumed we were getting hit but could not detect any damage. Our tail gunner, Joe Fussi, reported that the tail turret had failed and he was trying to repair it. (Later examination showed this to be an equipment failure unrelated to the combat.) We crossed the village of Campina flying just above the roofs of the houses. We could see Mooney's airplane (R-) wobbling along and we were trying to move into a tight formation with it. We caught up with Horton's airplane (C-) which appeared to be in bad shape with a major fire in the fuselage. Just as we were even with it, perhaps fifty feet higher and one hundred feet to the left, the airplane hit the vertical bank of a stream bed just beyond the village. The airplane crumpled into a fireball. It did not appear that anyone could survive this crash, but a few months later we learned the top turret gunner survived. We could see to the left the Hughes' airplane (J) sliding to a stop after cart wheeling into a stream bed. Some claimed they could see a crew member climbing out of the wreckage. We learned later that two crew members survived the crash but one soon died."


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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / MACR 4595 / Paul Andrews, Project Bits and Pieces, 8th Air Force Roll of Honor database / self, MACR 4595