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Charles G Y Normand


Prisoner of War (POW) Crashed at Hunteburg, Germany on 8/24/44 in B-17 #42-97533.
Group Command Pilot.



  • Jack Edwards

    Military | Navigator | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • William Hennigan

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 305th Bomb Group Can Do
    Flew 30 missions within the 365th bomb squadron between october 1943 and may 1944.

  • Joseph Kane

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 305th Bomb Group Can Do
    Flew 25 Combat Missions out of England. One of two to return from Schweinfurt 14 October 1943. At times flew Group, Squadron and Wing Lead. Was in the Air Force for 10 yrs and 30 yrs as an airline pilot. Discharged from Travis AFB, 1950. ...

  • Lee Lockwood

    Military | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • Charles Lozenski

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Airplane Armorer Gunner | 305th Bomb Group Can Do
    Charles Lozenski served as an aerial gunner with the 365th Bomb Squadron of the 305th Bomb Group, flying missions out of Chelveston, England. Was on the Kane/Normand Crew 14/10/43 A/C #42-3412 1 of 2 planes to return out of 15 from the 305th that day.

  • Joseph Pellegrini

    Military | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

  • Leroy Pikelis

    Military | Engineer/Top Turret | 305th Bomb Group Can Do

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Units served with

  • 305th Bomb Group Can Do

    305th Bomb Group Can Do

    The 305th Bombardment Group (Heavy), nicknamed "Can Do" was activated 1-March-1942 at Salt Lake City Air Base, Utah which was their primary training base until 11-Jun-1942 when they relocated to Geiger Field, Washington until 29-Jun-1942, then on to...

  • 365th Bomb Squadron


  • 42-30650 DOTTY

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 7/7/43; Kearney 25/7/43; Dow Fd 28/7/43; Assigned 366BS/305BG [KY-D] Chelveston 12/8/43; slight mid-air collision 23/9/43 with Verl Fisher; 2 Base Air Depot, Lt Staughton 20/3/44; Returned to the USA 20/4/44; 4136 BU Tinker 4/6/44;...

  • 42-3412

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Dallas 15/6/43; Presque Is 17/8/43; Assigned 365BS/305BG [XK-M] Chelveston 20/8/43; Missing in Action Bremen 20/12/43 with Bill Nordyke, Co-pilot: Ed Phillips, Navigator: Chas Maynard body found in Frischenmoor swamp near Oldenburg, chute...

  • 42-37771

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 23/8/43; Scott 30/9/43; Assigned 422BS/305BG [JJ-Q] Chelveston 18/10/43; transferred 858BS Watton 24/6/44; retUS 121 BU Bradley 3/7/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 21/9/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap...

  • 42-37994

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 8/11/43; Orlando 22/11/43; 224 BU Sioux City 6/3/45; 332 BU Ardmore 20/4/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Walnut Ridge 25/9/45.

  • 42-97533

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 13/12/43; Langley 14/1/44; Presque Is 11/2/44; Assigned 482BG (H2S) Alconbury 19/2/44; transferred 365BS/305BG [WF-E] Chelveston 20/3/44; ...


  • VIII Bomber Command 115

    14 October 1943
    This was the 2nd mission flown against the ball bearing industry at Schweinfurt, Germany and was as equally disastrous as that flown on 17-Aug-43. It came to be known as "Black Thursday". While fighter escort was dispatched, bad weather and lack of...

  • VIII Bomber Command 169

    30 December 1943
    The port area and oil refineries at Ludwigshaven, Germany are the target for this massive attack of 710 heavy bombers. The despatch includes 12 PFF-equipped B-17s from 482BG, 11 of these are effective on the mission, 3 are damaged, and the bomber...

  • 8th Air Force 176

    5 January 1944
    This mission consists of five elements: The first element is a combined force of 131 B-17s are despatched by 1st Bomb Division: 92BG; 303BG; 305BG; 306BG; 379BG; 384BG; and 482BG to bomb the shipyards and industrial areas of Kiel, Germany. 119 are...

  • 8th Air Force 198

    29 January 1944
    The primary target for this mission was the railroad marshalling yards and industrial areas of Frankfurt, Germany. A combined force of 863 heavy bombers were despatched in three elements to make the attack. The combined bomber gunner claims on enemy...

  • 569

    24 August 1944

Associated Place

  • Chelveston

    Military site : airfield
    Chelveston was adapted and expanded in preparation for the arrival of American forces. Rather than heavy bombers, the first aircraft to fly from its runways were C-47 Skytrains that were flown by the 60th Troop Carrier Group in July 1942. The first...


Event Location Date
Prisoner of War (POW) Germany 24 August 1944


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