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Paul Richard Shafer


"Shafe" as he was known in the war or "Pops" as he was known to the many young people he took under his wing was tight mouthed, but to the point when he had something to say. He hated judgements of all types and gave everyone a fair hearing - which made him a great dean at Dartmouth in the dark years of the late 60s. He was a renown professor who gave it all up to trek around Africa for a year. He was not rich, but gave everything he had to his adopted Ethiopian daughter and son, the one now a professor of emergency medicine and the other an electrical/telcoms engineer. He never spoke of the war and mourned the loss of his radioman/gunner Srg. Maldonado until he died in 1994. He left no money, but a wealth of humanity behind.


Units served with

  • 387th Bomb Group

    387th Bomb Group

    The 387th Bomb Group flew just under thirty missions with the Eighth Air Force before being transferred to the Ninth Air Force in October 1943. The Group remained at Chipping Ongar, Essex after being reassigned and continued to hit targets in France....


  • 42-95930 Angel Puss

    B-26 Marauder
    Baugher: Martin B-26B-50-MA 42-95930 Angel Puss (387th BG, 558th BS, 9th AF) shot down by AAA at Raon near St Die, France Oct 12, 1944. MACR 9817. One crewman killed, seven bailed out and became POW.

Associated Place

  • Chipping Ongar

    Military site : airfield
    The air base was constructed by the 831st Engineer Battalion (Aviation) in late August 1942. The 387th Bomb Group were the only American group to be based there, flying B-26 Marauders in strategic missions over France, first for the Eighth and then for...

  • Stoney Cross

    Military site : airfield
    Planned as a secret, emergency airfield, Stoney Cross was developed during 1942-43 as an advance base for both fighters and bombers. Occupied by the RAF from January 1943, before construction was complete, the station had eventually three concrete...

  • Maupertus

    Military site : airfield


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I am trying to reconstruct what I can of my father's wartime experiences. The only member of his crew I even met - and I was very young - was Buzz Sewell. Buzz left an interesting "diary" of the shoot down, capture and POW experience, that offers the only glimpse I have of my father at that time. The most poignant thing is learned is why my father always called me "Shafe" and not "Shafer" like everybody else. If you know anything about Shafe' war, Angel Puss or her crew, I would love to hear from you.