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Peter Beasley


Beasley was one of 6 staff officers to accompany General Eaker to England in February 1942. He was commissioned into the military after working as an executive of Lockheed Aircraft Company.

Beasley initially worked as a plans and liaison specialist but later became chief of A-4 (Supply), VIII Bomber Command and later accompanied Eaker to Eight Air Force headquarters.



  • Frank Armstrong

    Military | Lieutenant General | Commanding Officer; Pilot | 306th Bomb Group The Reich Wreckers
    Commanded 97th BG from 31 July 1942 to 27 September 1942. ...

  • Frederick Castle

    Military | Brigadier General | Commanding Officer; Air Leader, Pilot | 487th Bomb Group
    Commanding Officer of 94th Bomb Group at Bury St. Edmunds from 19-Jun-43 to 16-Apr-44. Overseas with General Eaker's staff to organize 8th AF, February 1942. ...

  • William Cowart

    Military | Major | Pilot | 93rd Bomb Group
    March 8, 1943 'Thar She Blows' B-24 41-23658 crashlanded at Gibraltar Farms in Kent. The plane was returning from a mission to Rouen, France with battle damage. Major Cowart returned all crew members with Bombardier Dick injured.

  • William Cowart

    Military | Colonel | Tactician
    Cowart was one of 6 staff officers to accompany Eaker to England in February 1942. ...

  • Ira Eaker

    Military | Lieutenant General | Commanding General, 8th Air Force
    Commanding General of 8th AF 1 December 1942 to 5 January 1944. Following that, Eaker was given command of all Allied air forces in the MTO, and in April 1945 became Deputy CG of the USAAF. Retired July 1947. ...

  • Harris Hull

    Military | Brigadier General | Combat Intelligence Officer
    Hull was one of 6 Staff Officers to accompany General Eaker to England in February 1942. ...

  • Beirne Lay

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Group commander | 100th Bomb Group
    Beirne Lay assumed command of the 487th Bomb Group at Alamogordo Army Air Base, New Mexico on February 28, 1944, his wife was Philippa Ludwell Lee. ...

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Units served with

  • Headquarters (8th Air Force)

    Headquarters (8th Air Force)

    8th Air Force Headquarters opened in London under the command of General Carl A Spaatz on 19 June 1942. It oversaw all Commands, Wings and Groups engaged in the Strategic Bombing Campaign until February 1944, when it became US Strategic Air Forces in...

  • VIII Bomber Command

    VIII Bomber Command

    VIII Bomber Command was constituted and activated in 1942. It oversaw heavy bombardment operations until February 1944, when it was redesginated as the 8th Air Force.

Associated Place

  • Camp Griffiss

    Military site : non-airfield
    Named Camp Griffiss after Colonel Townsend Griffiss, the first US casualty of the war, killed when his aircraft was downed by friendly fire. ...

  • Hendon

    Military site : airfield
    An RAF station which in 1944 was home to Douglas C-47 Skytrain lodgers.


Event Location Date
Born 10 November 1884
Arrived in UK Hendon 20 February 1942

Arrived in the UK with General Eaker

Died 9 August 1957
Buried Arlington National Cemetery


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Freeman, Mighty Eighth, p4

Grave site at Arlington