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Arnold I Cook


Arnold Cook participated in Operation Neptune and dropped the 2-505 PIR, 82nd Airborne at H-Hour minus 6. Two days later, he flew a re-supply mission at 800 feet and his plane was hit 168 times in the left wing and tail section. Six days later, his plane landed behind Utah beach on a temporary airstrip to bring in whole blood and supplies, and transport 24 litter patients out. For his participation in these three missions, he was awarded the Air Medal in June 1944.

He also flew three missions during Operation Market Garden. The first mission dropped the 82nd Airborne during a daylight operation with very little opposition and no damage to his airplane. The second mission was a glider tow. His plane was the only plane that towed two gliders. His plane was # 81 in an 80 plane formation. They were hit twice by 20mm rounds, one in the tail section and the second through the cockpit floor. The third mission was flown into an abandoned canal and evacuated British Airborne troops out. The movie "A Bridge Too Far" was based on this operation. He was awarded the second Air Medal for these three missions in October 1944.




  • IX Troop Carrier Command Field Order 1

    6 June 1944
    IX Troop Carrier Command Field Order No 1 was originally issued on 31 May 1944, before being amended on 4 June 1944. It determined the role that 9th Air Force Troop Carrier Command would play in the assault phase of Operation Neptune- the Normandy...

Associated Place

  • Cottesmore

    Military site : airfield
    Built for the RAF between 1935-38, and in use by the RAF from 1938-1943, the airfield was enlarged with concrete runways in 1943. Used by both the Eighth Air Force (it was 8 ASC HQ) and Ninth Air Force 1943, it was Troop Carrier Command HQ (later 9th...


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Daughter, Gwynne Cook Pelton

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Daughter, Gwynne Cook Pelton - I have all of my father's original medals hanging in my home.

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My father's DD-214s and his stories.

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My father's records were destroyed in the St. Louis Fire. His DD-214s and his verbal stories are my sources.

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Arnold Cook is my father. I have all of his DD-214 and other military records validating his medals and years in service.

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"Valor Without Arms" , A History of the 316th Troop Carrier Group, 1942-1945, by Michael N. Ingrisano Jr.