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Robert Wilson Vincent


Robert W Vincent flew 35 combat missions, 5 Truckin' and 2 weather missions with the 458th Bomb Group. Was assigned to the Azon Project (radio controlled bombs). The Azon aircraft was named 'A Dog's Life'.

Was involved in an incident that several military historians described as unparralleled in WWII. During a mission to Metz, he discovered the group was lining up on a friendly target. He advised the group leader but was rebuffed. He broke formation and led his element, and another element followed, bombing the correct target. Historians named the action, 'Vincent's Rebellion. He was threatened with a court-martial, vindicated by General Patton and was promoted.

Was assigned as project officer for infrared satelite, U-2 support and NATO. Was a career officer and retired in 1971.

DFC/ AM w/ 4 Oak Leaf Cluster/ ARCR w/ 1 Oak Leaf Cluster/ ADSM/ ACM/ WW II VM/ NDSM w/ 1 BSS/ AFLSA w/ 4 Oak Leaf Cluster/ EAME w/ 6 BSS/ AFOUA w/ 1 Oak Leaf Cluster


Units served with

  • 458th Bomb Group

    458th Bomb Group

    The 458th Bomb Group (H) entered combat with the 8th Air Force in February 1944. Based at Horsham St. Faith in England, the combat crews participated in the decisive Campaigns 'Big Week', 'Big B', D-Day and the assault on Germany's oil industry waged...

  • 753rd Bomb Squadron
  • Headquarters (Eighth Air Force)

    Headquarters (Eighth Air Force)

    8th Air Force Headquarters opened in London under the command of General Carl A Spaatz on 19 June 1942. It oversaw all Commands, Wings and Groups engaged in the Strategic Bombing Campaign until February 1944, when it became US Strategic Air Forces in...


  • 42-110070 - Lady Luck - Elmer

    B-24 Liberator
    The B-24J, 42-110070, was assigned to the 754th Bomb Squadron, the 458th Bomb Group, in the 8th Air Force, USAAF. The airplane crashed or was force landed on the European Continent. 10 Jan 45. Salvaged 13 Mar 45.


Event Location Date
Born Welty, Oklahoma 9 July 1920
Based Horsham St Faith 1944


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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / document & Page 432 in the book 2ND AIR DIVISIONby Turner Publishing Company, 1998 edition (D790.A2S45)