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James H Keeffe Jr


James Keeffe Jr.'s biography and time in service is the subject of the book “Two Gold Coins and a Prayer” written by James H. Keeffe III, his son. It is available from a number of book outlets.
The Epic Journey of Lt. James Keeffe Jr., World War II
B-24 Bomber Pilot, Evader, and POW.


Units served with

  • 2nd Air Division

    2nd Air Division

    In December 1944, the 2nd Bomb Division was redesginated the 2nd Air Division.

  • 2nd Combat Bomb Wing
  • 389th Bomb Group

    389th Bomb Group

    The 389th Bomb Group, known in more familiar terms as "the Sky Scorpions", flew strategic bombing missions in B-24 Liberators from Hethel, England. They also sent detachments to join bases in North Africa at Benghazi No. 10, Libya, between 3 July 1943...

  • 566th Bomb Squadron

    566th Bomb Squadron

    Constituted 566th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) on 19 Dec. 1942. Activated on 24 Dec. 1942. Inactivated on 13 Sept. 1945. Campaigns: Air Offensive, Europe; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe; Air...



  • 8th Air Force 228 BIG WEEK - DAY 2

    21 February 1944
    Day 2 of BIG WEEK is another maximum effort by 8th Air Force to bomb 6 airfields in Germany as primary targets: Diepholz, Gütersloh, Lippstadt, Werl, Achmer and Handorf. In addition the industrial areas of Brunswick city are included as a primary...

  • 8th Air Force 233 BIG WEEK - DAY 5

    24 February 1944
    BIG WEEK resumes with full intensity against the German aircraft industry. Bomber tactics are changed slightly in that each Air Division will be directed at more widely dispersed primary targets whoch it is thought will frustrate concentration...

  • 8th Air Force 248

    5 March 1944
    The German airfields at Mont-de-Marsan, Cayeux and Bordeaux/Merginac, France were the primary targets for this mission. Weather and clouds frustrate bombing attempts and formations bomb other secondary targets and targets of last resort. Mission...

  • 8th Air Force 252

    8 March 1944
    The VKF ballbearing factory at Berlin/Erkner is the primary target for 623 heavy bombers despatched by all three Air Divisions. Fighter opposition and anti-aircraft fire are intense. There are so many formation attacking that some divert to other...

Associated Place

  • Hethel

    Military site : airfield
    Construction of Hethel airfield began in 1941, and was finished in late 1942. The number of hardstandings was increased from the planned 36 to 50 in 1942, in order to accommodate a full heavy bomb group. The 320th Bomb Group occupied the base for ten...


Event Location Date
Born Sioux City, IA, USA 12 March 1923
Prisoner of War (POW) Germany 15 August 1944 – 29 April 1945

Stalag Luft III (Center Compound) Arrived August 15, 1944 -- Evacuated January 28, 1945.
Stalag VII A Arrived February 7, 1945 -- Liberated by the 14th Armored Division April 29, 1945.

Lived in Bellevue, WA, USA 2011


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