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Middle East Air Force

30 June 1942

Official description

B-24’s bomb Tobruk harbor during 29/30 Jun; first US combat casualties in ME are recorded as 1 B24 is lost.

Gen Brereton moves his det from Egypt to Palestine, as Rommel advances toward the Suez Canal.


B-24 Liberators conduct a night time attach on Tobruk harbor. They suffer the first casualties in the Middle East Theatre when one aircraft is lost.

Mission details

1. Tobruk Harbour


Not yet known

Aircraft type

B-24 Liberator


Not yet known


  • Halverson Detachment

    Halverson Detachment

    HALPRO or the Halverson Detachement was a group of 23 B-24 Liberators originally destined to join the 10th Air Force in the China, Burma, India Theatre of operations. ...

Mission Statistics

Number of aircraft Missing In Action 1


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