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8th Air Force CARPETBAGGER #1

4 January 1944

Official description

Not yet known


801BG/406BS conducts the first CARPETBAGGER operation with B-17s. Number despatched, bundles dropped and location(s) in France not in available. source data. During World War II, Operation Carpetbagger was a general term used for the aerial resupply of weapons and other matériel to resistance fighters in France, Italy and the Low Countries by the U.S. Army Air Forces that began on 4 January 1944. For more information see:

Mission details

1. France


Not yet known

Aircraft type

B-24 Liberator




  • 801st Bomb Group

    801st Bomb Group

    The 801st Bomb Group was established as part of the Eighth Air Force in late March 1944 to carry out 'Carpetbagger' missions. These were night missions over France and other parts of occupied Europes to support resistance forces by dropping in agents,...

  • 406th Bomb Squadron

Mission Statistics



  • Lawrence Berkoff

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 492nd Bomb Group (Heavy)
    2LT Lawrence Berkoff--on a secret mission to supply the Resistance in Europe in September 1944--sacrificed his life to save his crew and to pilot his stricken B-24 away from an English village.


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