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14 July 1944

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OPERATION CADILLAC - 55th fighter group is converted from P-38s to P-51s, this gives the 8 AF a majority of P-51 groups to provide escort on long-range high-altitude missions. Conversion to P-51s by fighter groups will continue until the end of the war until every fighter group except one is converted. The bombers drop 3,700 containers of supplies to interior French forces. A mix of 465 P-47s and P-51s accompany the mission. Exact mix not determined from available data. Many of the supplies were packaged in small canisters, fourteen to sixteen inches long, these contained a folded up Sten gun and several clips of ammo. The Americans loading the canisters also include packages of American cigarettes.

The 3rd Air Division was dispatched to France on a special mission in support of the French Maquis. All aircraft were loaded with C-3 type bombs.
The 388th Bomb Group furnished three 12 aircraft Groups which composed the 45th C Combat Wing.
Our 36 aircraft were airborne between 0340 and 0423 hours and there were no abortions. Some difficulty was encountered in forming due to darkness; after which, the briefed route to and from the target was followed.
The target area was clear and the briefed recognition signals were easily recognized. Bombs were away from the prescribed altitude as follows: A Group at 0920 hours on a heading of 15 degrees. B Group at 0930 hours on a heading of 360 degrees and the C Group at 0932 hours on a heading of 345 degrees.
Strike photos show excellent results for all Groups.
No enemy fighters or flak was seen on this mission.
Our aircraft returned to base at 1338 hours.
(From 'The 388th At War' by Ed Huntzinger).


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Mission Statistics

Tonnage dropped NA



  • Thomas Barton

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group
    newly assigned May 1944

  • Clark Benington

    Military | B-17 Pilot | 96th Bomb Group

  • Virgil Brave

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Gunner | 34th Bomb Group
    Assigned to the 34th Bomb Group on 1 April 1944 in Blythe California. ...

  • Warren Callahan

    Military | First Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 447th Bomb Group
    Warran Callahan served as a co-pilot with the 708th Bomb Squadron of the 447th Bomb Group, flying bombing missions out of Rattlesden, England.

  • Clayton Christiansen

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 388th Bomb Group
    Clayton Robert Christiansen went by the name Bob or his initials C.R. most of his life. He had 2 older ...

  • Thomas Diamond

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Top Turret Gunner | 447th Bomb Group
    Thomas Diamond served as a top turret gunner in the Westrope crew with the 708th Bomb Squadron of the 447th Bomb Group, flying bombing missions out of Rattlesden, England. ...

  • Nicholas Duncan

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner | 388th Bomb Group

  • Oscar Flores

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Right Waist Gunner | 447th Bomb Group
    Oscar Flores served as a waist gunner with the 708th Bomb Squadron of the 447th Bomb Group, flying bombing missions out of Rattlesden, England.

  • Lewis Funk

    Military | Master Sergeant | Photographic Chief | 34th Bomb Group
    Lew was born in Wattenberg, Colorado, on Jan 30, 1921, to John and Alta Funk. An Eagle Scout who served in the National Guard at Fort Logan, he attended photo school for the Army at Lowry Air Force base. He achieved the rank of Master Sergeant as the...

  • Bernard Kellenyi

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 388th Bomb Group
    After enlisting in the Army Air Corps in March 1943 and earning his degree in Architecture from Catholic University he was accepted at Flight School. Flight training was completed at bases in Florida, Ohio and Arkansas. He received orders to pilot a B...

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  • 42-31939 Spook Six

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Denver 6/1/44; Kearney 15/1/44; Romulus 23/1/44; Grenier 25/1/44; Assigned 336BS/95BG [ET-J] Horham 2/2/44; transferred 412BS [QW-J]; 98m, with S.D. Reed, force landed RAF Coltishakk, 8RTD, 1WIA; Returned to the USA 121 BU Bradley 21/6/44;...

  • 42-97093 I'll Get By

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 28/1/44; Kearney 14/2/44; Presque Is 20/2/44; Assigned 568BS/390BG [BI-S] Framlingham 3/3/44 DOC'S FLYING CIRCUS, then GIRL OF MY DREAMS; on mission 21/7/44 with ? , Lt Sam Dubin (Killed in Action); severe icing during assembly for...

  • 43-37774

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 20/5/44; Kearney 1/6/44; Grenier 16/6/44; Assigned 708BS/447BG Rattlesden 20/6/44; Returned to the USA Bradley 5/7/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 7/7/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA)...

  • 43-37904 Princess Pat aka Hannah’s Children

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 2/6/44; Hunter 13/6/44; Dow Fd 24/6/44; Assigned 569BS/390BG [CC-L] Framlingham 29/6/44; Returned to the USA Bradley 3/7/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 4/7/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA)...

  • 44-6099

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Tulsa 1/5/44; Kearney 10/5/44; Grenier 24/5/44; Assigned 569BS/390BG [CC-H] Framlingham 25/5/44; severe battle damaged at Tours 1/8/44, with - Blevins, rest unknown ? , force landed at Woodbridge ELG, Sfk, UK. Salvaged 4/8/44.


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Lee Cunningham, 8th Air Force missions research database / Stan Bishop's 'Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces', the Combat Chronology of the US Army Air Forces and the work of Roger Freeman including the 'Mighty Eighth War Diary'.