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  1. UPL 49097

    P-47 42-7888 'Luise' with S/Sgt's Raymond W Shepard and Tauno R Koski. 82FS, 78FG.

  2. From the Douglas Collection & 486th Bomb Group web page. UPL 49096

    Standing (L to R): Richard H. Warlick (BG), Raymond L. Weeks (WG), Douglas J. Putnam (TG), Robert F. Fennel (FE), Erwin F. Tomaszewski (WG), James...

  3. Official web page of the 486th Bombardment Group. UPL 49095

    Lt. Manock, a pilot; Lt Fouts, a pilot; Lt. Bob Whitney, and SSgt Whitney, Bob’s brother (visiting). This was taken just before everyone went...

  4. Official webpage of the 486th Bomb Group. UPL 49093

    George D. 'Hunter' Smith, Pilot, flying B24H & B17R Bombers for the 486th Bombardment Group, and the 835th Bombardment Squadron based at RAF...

  5. From the Douglas collection & 486th Bombardment Group official web page. UPL 49094

    486th Bombing staff and lead bombardiers (back of photo has 3 names: Richard H. Douglas, Edward M. Borger, James E. Silger). Richard Douglas is...

  6. UPL 49092

    Ground crew S/Sgt's Jim Sterner and Joe McCarthy carry freshly cleaned cowlings for 82FS, 78FG P-47 Thunderbolt.

  7. John O'Brien's personal pictures UPL 49082

    Picture after Frankfurt mission , (Feb 6th Feb 1944 ?) . Mission 452nd Heavy bombers out of Deopham green Norfolk . ...

  8. UPL 49091

    Adrian Marlin back row center

  9. UPL 49090

    1LT Marion Scott Street Pilot 416th BG - 671st BS - 9th AF

  10. UPL 49089

    1LT Robert Walker Teeter Fighter Pilot 365th FG - 386th FS - 9th AF Flew 90 combat missions

  11. UPL 49088

    1LT Scott B Ritchie, Jr. Pilot 416th BG - 668th BS - 9th AF KIT 30 June 1944

  12. UPL 49087

    Cairo, Egypt December 29, 1942 Lt. D. E. Maul, Lt. R. L. Wilson, Lt. M. H. Schiwetz (Courtesy of the Family of Max W. Schiwetz). Max is the 3rd...

  13. AFHRA UPL 49086

    42-3483 B-17G-1-DL Indivdual aircraft record card. Radar Pathfinder with MIT/ROME NY Air Depot modification.

  14. From the official web page of the 835th Bomb Squadron: https://486th.org/Photos/Crew2/SmithH.htm UPL 49085

    George D. 'Hunter' Smith, Pilot, B24H/B17G bombers. Part of a group photo taken with his air crew at RAF Sudbury, 30th March [1945?], just after...

  15. US National Archives & 835th Bomb Squadron's official page. UPL 49083

    Capt. Robert J. Whitney, from a group photo taken after 30th March [1945] bombing mission to Hannover, Germany. The photo was taken at RAF Sudbury,...

  16. UPL 49079

    David Louis Withington Pilot 416th BG - 671st BS - 9th AF

  17. 42-100905 UPL 49075

    The "DONNA MAE" and crew, left to right; 1st Lt. Ray B. Pullen, Pilot, KIA, 2nd Lt. John M. Greeley, Co-pilot, KIA, 2nd Lt. Richard P. Umhoeffer,...

  18. Falcon Field 4BFTS UPL 49074

    William Haylock travelling on the train to Arizona. He was from Mildenhall and this can be seen written on the side of the train

  19. Falcon Field 4BFTS UPL 49073

    William Haylock travelling on the train to Arizona

  20. Falcon Field 4BFTS UPL 49072

    William Haylock (aged 18) who trained on Course 27A at Falcon Field from 26 June 1945 to 10 September 1945

  21. UPL 49071

    1st Lt Raymond A Dyer, 334FS, 4FG

  22. UPL 49070

    SSGT Cletus V. Hinker Gunner 416BG - 669th BS - 9th AF

  23. UPL 49065

    Noel Kloter

  24. UPL 49069

    A-20B-30-DL #41-39393 Code: 2A-M (right) after a taxi accident with another A-26 at Laon/Athies Airfield

  25. UPL 49068

    A-20J-5-DO #43-9640 Code: 5H-Z 416th BG - 668th BS - 9th AF

  26. UPL 49067

    Captain Vest, looking dapper and ready for a fight

  27. UPL 49066

    Robert D. Lesher Crew 416th BG - 668th BS - 9th AF L to R: SSGT Adolfos J. Antaniatis (G), 1LT Robert D. Lesher (P), SSGT Harold R. Hedrick (G)

  28. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1870

    Hollywood Actor Jimmy Stewart (Major James Stewart), Operations Officer of the 453rd Bomb Group, with bomber crew who flew a B-24 Liberator (serial...

  29. UPL 49064

    Capt Howard R. Garabrant, 82FS, 78FG

  30. UPL 49063

    Laurence Robert (Bob) Codeglia

  31. Document 49062

    Bob Codeglia`s Missions

  32. Document 49059

    Keil Mission 29 Jul 43 Fighter Attack press release on the incident with Kane crew. States Sgt Vachout bailed out due to lack of oxygen after an...