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Airmen of the 77th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group with P-38J-10-LO, s/n 42-67888, coded LC-B, nicknamed "Black Barney." Pilot in the photo is possibly Col. Barton M. Russell. This ship was written off in a crash landing after returning from a mission on 18 April 1944.

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Airmen of the 20th Fighter Group with a P-38 Lightning nicknamed "Black Barney."



  • 20th Fighter Group

    20th Fighter Group

    In August 1943, the 20th Fighter Group arrived in Clyde, Scotland, before travelling to Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, which was to be their base for the rest of the war. The Group flew 312 missions before their last mission on 25 April 1945. The...

  • 77th Fighter Squadron


  • Barton Russell

    Military | Colonel | Fighter Pilot 1056 multi-engine. Group Commander
    20th FG Commanding Officer Jan 17, 143 to March 2, 1944. Served with the 20th FG from 1937 thru 1943. 11 Combat missions 1/2 FW-190 destroyed air. CO 51st FIW 1953-55 1/2 kill (ME109)



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