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Personnel of the Royal Canadian Air Force with an Anson Mk V, Jay Phillip Musler is in the second row, second from left.

Musler has handwritten on the reverse: 'Reading from left to right, left hand side of the photo: McMillan- Sea Forth, ONT, Lewis- Montreal, QUE, Campbell- Powell River, British Columbia, Cadegan- Glaee Bay Nova Scotia, McCloud- Kingston, ONT, Hills- London Eng, St Peirre- Windsor, ONT, Scott- Hamilton ONT, Allchin- Windsor ONT, Simard- Windsor, ONT, Brodie- Toronto, ONT, *Musler, Rock Island, Illinois, USA*, O'Farrall- England, Simmonds- England, Cobley- England, Floyd- North Bay, ONT, Wright- Brandford, ONT, *Mendenhall- Sprinville, Utah, USA*, McLeod- Waterford, ONT, Summerville- Kingston, ONT, Korpela- Sudbury, ONT, Johnson- Toronto, ONT, Runnals- England, Dave- Windsor, ONT, Anderson-, *Kassap- Chicago, Ill, USA*, Stewart- Hamilton, ONT, Hawks- Edmonton, Alberta, Mortimer- Prince George BC.

Right side of photo (Left to right):
MacGill- London, ONT, Richardson- North Bay, ONT, *Lekis- Chicago, Ill, USA*, Ellis- Toronto, ONT, *Newton- Michigan, USA*, Cunningham- London, ONT, Reilly- London, England, Young- Kitchner, Kalle- Windsor, ONT, Lossing- Norwich, ONT, Ehman- Sarnia, ONT, *Southcock- Detroit, Mich, USA*, Given- Benchville, ONT, Massier- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Brigger- Toronto, ONT, Wagner- Kitchner, ONT, MacDonald- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Macham- St Thomas, ONT, Rutherford- Paris, ONT, Powell- Wales (England), *Nelson- Dixon, Ill, USA*, Lee- Kinkardine, ONT, *Shanely- Toledo, Ohio, USA*, *Murphey- Pontine, Mich, USA*.'
Asterisks denote US servicemen.

Musler's Wife Barbara has handwritten on the reverse: ' RCAF Canada, Then onto the RAF. The war was on with Japan. Jay & the Americans were called home to the USA. he went right to the Pacific to bomb the Japanese Islands. He gave his all to England & USAF. He was American born, USA.'



  • Jay Musler

    Military | Captain | Pilot
    American RAF bomber pilot based in England 1942-1943.


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Barbara Musler, via American Air Museum Memory Book Correspondence.