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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jack S. Jenkins, CO of the 55th Fighter Group, stands in front of P-38 Lightning named "Texas Ranger" at Nuthampstead air base, October 1943. Printed caption attached to print: 'The "All Duty" plane of the United States Air Force. One of the most useful of the varied types of aircraft used by the United States Army Air Force is the Lightning P.38. The machine is a high wind monoplane, two engined with a maximum speed of about 400 m.p.h. It has a range of 1,100 miles and can carry two 500 lb bombs. Used in almost every theatre of war the P.38 has served as fighter-bomber, low-level straffing and every type of reconnaissance. Photo shows: Lt. Col. Jack S. Jenkins, of Levelland, Texas, the Commanding Officer of teh U.S. air station in Britain, in front of his Lightning P.38 "Texas Ranger". And October 1943. PN.'



  • 55th Fighter Group

    55th Fighter Group

    The 55th Fighter Group were the first P-38 Lightning Group to go fully operational from England. The pilots flew long-range escort missions for bombers flying over occupied Europe and racked up 'kills' of their own by destroying enemy aircraft in...


  • Jack Jenkins

    Military | Colonel | Pilot
    Prisoner of War (POW) crashed near Coulommiers on 10 Apr 44 in P-38 'Texas Ranger' #42-67825. MACR 3620. ...



  • Nuthampstead

    Military site : airfield
    Built during 1942-43, Nuthampstead was the nearest Eighth Air Force heavy bomber base to London. It had three concrete runways, 50 loop hardstandings and two dispersed T2 hangars. It was first occupied from September 1943 to April 1944 by the 55th...


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