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The B-24D, 41-23661, Black Jack, one of two B-24Ds, named, Back Jack. This one, 41-23661, was from the 9th Air Force, the 98th Bomb Group, shown with the vertical fin markings of a fin robbed from, Valient Virgin, from the 8th Air Force, with, Valient Virgin' s olive drab painted tail fin and it's (hidden in this photo) abbreviated serial number, This fin was, apparently, robbed from the, Valient Virgin, for installation on, Black Jack. August 5-7, 1943, when these color photos were taken.



  • 98th Bomb Group

    98th Bomb Group

    The 98th trained for bombardment missions with B-24 Liberators during the first half of 1942. ...

  • 343rd Bomb Squadron

    343rd Bomb Squadron

    Established as a B-24 Liberator heavy bomb squadron and trained by Third Air Force. Deployed to Egypt in June 1942 over South Atlantic Transport Route transiting from Morrison Field, Florida though the Caribbean to Brazil; performed trans-Atlantic...


  • Robert Geiss

    Military | Second Lieutenant | B-24 Bombardier
    Lt. Robert Geiss was signed to the 328th Bomb Squadron, the 93rd Bomb Group, in the 8th Air Force, USAAF, in the U.K. He was shot down and killed (KIA) with his pilot, Lt. Claude A. Turner and his entire crew in the B-24D, 42-63988, named, Birmingham...

  • Delbert Hahn

    Military | Colonel | B-24 Command Pilot
    Command Pilot : Major Delbert Henry Hahn ...

  • James Marquis

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | B-24 Navigator
    Lt. James E. Marquis was born on February 6, 1922. After completing his navigator flight training in the U.S. Lt. Marquis, was assigned to the 8th Air Force, the 93rd Bomb Group, and the 328th Bomb Squadron in the United Kingdom, and was temporarily...

  • John Rudell

    Military | Staff Sergeant | B-24 Gunner
    SSGT John Peter Rudell ...

  • Claude Turner

    Military | First Lieutenant | B-24 Command Pilot
    Lt. Claude A. Turner was born in Travis Peak, Texas, on Oct 22, 1919. He trained as an aviation pilot at Kelly Field and other air bases in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. After receiving his pilot's wings, Turner was assigned to the 8th Air Force,...

  • Gerald Weinberg

    Military | Technical Sergeant | B-24 Radio Operator
    TSgt. Gerald Weinberg was a B-24D radio operator the 8th Air Force, the 93rd Bomb Group, and the 328th Bomb Squadron, detached (TDY) to The 9th Air Force, at Benghazi, Libya, for the Ploesti bombing mission in the B-24D, 42-40608, The Vulgar Virgin. He...


  • 41-23661 - Black Jack

    B-24 Liberator
    Note : This B-24D, 41-23661, one of 2 B-24Ds named, Black Jack, in the MTO, this one with the nose art of a kicking mule, was flown by Lt. Delbert Hahn and his crew. ...


  • Lete

    Military site : airfield


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The Great Ground-Air Battle Of 1 August 1943 - James Dugan & Carroll Stewart

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Black Sunday-Ploesti - Michael Hill