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P-51D 44-72227 CL-M of Lt.Col. Elwyn G "Eager El" Righetti, Commanding Officer 55th Fighter Group. Replaced his earlier P-51 44-14223 similarly marked. He was killed in this aircraft on 17th April 1945 when hit by flak attcking Grossenhaim A/D 30 Miles South of Dresden. Crash landed but body never recovered.



  • 55th Fighter Group

    55th Fighter Group

    The 55th Fighter Group were the first P-38 Lightning Group to go fully operational from England. The pilots flew long-range escort missions for bombers flying over occupied Europe and racked up 'kills' of their own by destroying enemy aircraft in...

  • Headquarters (55th Fighter Group)


  • Elwyn Righetti

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Pilot
    Righetti held the rank of Major when he joined the 55th Fighter Group but it would only be a matter of days before he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. He also spent just a couple of days with the 38th Fighter Squadron, before going to the 338th...



  • Wormingford

    Military site : airfield
    Wormingford was a Royal Flying Corps/RAF anti-Zeppelin aircraft Landing Ground First World War, rebuilt for the Eighth Air Force 1942-43. It was a Ninth Air Force base from 1943-44, and home to the 362nd Fighter Group. Switching back to the Eighth Air...


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