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B-24D - The Squaw. Lt. Royden LeBrecht Pilot and the second, more toned down bikini clad "Squaw" nose art for the plane's war bond tour around America. 1943



  • Royden LeBrecht

    Military | Captain | B-24 Command Pilot
    Lt. Royden Louis LeBrecht was a B-24D command pilot in the 9th Air Force, the 98th Bomb Group, and the 344th Bomb Squadron. He flew his B-24D, he named, The Squaw, on Operation Tidal Wave, the large mission to destroy the German held oil refineries at...


  • 41-11761 - The Squaw - Sleepy

    B-24 Liberator
    The B-24D Liberator bomber, 41-11761, was first named, Sleepy, by the men in the 8th Air Force and the 93rd Bomb Group in the U.K. It was, later, renamed, The Squaw, by it's Command Pilot, Lt. Royden LeBrecht, after being transferred to the 9th Air...


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B-24D - 'The Squaw' - Lt. Royden LeBrecht Pilot 1943