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Ground Crew Chief, 486th Bomb. Group, 835th Bomb. Squadron: "The fellow hanging out of the window is a ground crew chief. The photo is one of a collection of crew chiefs taken at Station 174 [RAF Sudbury]. The airman is signalling that he's going to start a particular engine. A staged photo. There are a number of these types of portraits on the website; although, I haven't been able to locate this particular one." (As per the Historian/webmaster of the official web page of the 486th Bomb. Group, in a personal email to Hans V. von Maltzahn, dated 11th Oct. 2021.) The web page's official address is:



  • 486th Bomb Group

    486th Bomb Group

    The 486th Bomb Group flew both B-24s and B-17s, swapping from the former aircraft to the latter in late July 1944 after 49 missions. In total the Group flew 292 missions during the war and remarkably the 834th Bomb Squadron lost no aircraft or...

  • 835th Bomb Squadron


  • Sudbury

    Military site : airfield
    Situated between the villages of Great Waldingfield and Acton, the airfield was used by the 486th Bomb Group from March 1944 to August 1945. Facilities for administrative offices for the Combat Wing were also made available here and along with barrack...


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From the official web page of the 486th Bombardment Group & 835th Bombardment Squadron gallery page: