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Albert Grinsted - Bombadier, Duke Dinsmore - Engineer, Harold M. “Bud” Hegyessy - Navigator Chicago, IL circa June 1944 prior to deployment to Podington England.
“Some of the crews were assigned aircraft and flew to Europe in those aircraft. Because of our high standing during the training period we were sent to New York by train and flown to Europe by commercial aircraft. They had to shunt our troop cars to a different station in Chicago and as a result we were free to visit family. We had lunch at the Edgewater Beach hotel hosted by my father and had a great group picture taken of the whole crew by my uncle, a professional photographer.

“While we were in Chicago my engineer, Duke Dinsmore, bought a whole case of bourbon whiskey for a bartender on State Street. This was quite a surprise since in Kearney they had made him buy a quart of rum in order to get a pint of whiskey. Needless to say we were well fortified not only on our trip to New York but also during our early days in England.



  • 8th Air Force

    8th Air Force

    Eighth Air Force Bomber Command became the Eighth Air Force on February 1944, it oversaw bombardment of strategic targets in Europe until 1945. ...

  • 1st Bomb Division

    1st Bomb Division

    The groups under the command of the 1st Bomb Wing came under the command of the 1st Bomb Division in August 1943. In December 1944, the Division was redesginated the 1st Air Division.

  • 40th Combat Bomb Wing
  • 92nd Combat Bomb Wing (II)
  • 92nd Combat Bomb Wing (I)
  • 92nd Bomb Group Fame's Favoured Few

    92nd Bomb Group Fame's Favoured Few

    The 92nd Group sometime after arrivial in the UK converted to the role of in-theater combat crew indocrination and training. For this role, the Group traded its B-17F complement and obtained the B-17E, mostly from the 97th BG which was departing for...

  • 325th Bomb Squadron


  • Albert Grinsted

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombadier


  • 42-107168 Pappy Time

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Tulsa 12/3/44; Kearney 27/3/44; Grenier 5/4/44; Assigned 325BS/92BG [NV-D] Podington 14/4/44; battle damaged Cauvincourt 16/8/44 with Ted Letterman, crew all OK back at base; Salvaged 18/8/44.


  • Podington

    Military site : airfield
    Built originally to accommodate two RAF bomber squadrons, the first USAAF unit to occupy the base was the 15th Bomb Squadron in September 1942. Podington was then used as a satellite for nearby Chelveston. Work to lengthen the runways, although this...


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Family photo from Scott Weir (Grandson of Albert Grinsted)