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B-24D - 42-40608 - The Vulgar Virgin - and it's command pilot, Lt. Claude A. Turner, and his crew, were all from the 8th Air Force, the 93rd Bomb Group, and the 328th Bomb Squadron in Britain. This airplane was Lt. Turners' assigned aircraft and was flown by him and his crew on Operation Tidal Wave, the large mission to destroy the German held oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania. Lt. Claude Turner and The Vulgar Virgin survived the mission damaged but with no casualties and was flown by Lt. Turner to Chorlu, Turkey, where he, his crew, and The Vulgar Virgin were all interned by the Turkish Air Force. The crew was later released back to the U.S. Army Air Forces. Turner and his bombardier escaped from the Turks and returned to the UK. - RTD . After returning to duty in Britain with the 8th Air force after the Ploesti mission, Lt. Turner and his crew, flying an 8th Air Force B-17 were shot down and killed over the North Sea by an FW-190 Focke Wulf fighter after a bombing mission to Bremen and Helgoland- KIA. Nov 13, 1943



  • 9th Air Force
  • 98th Bomb Group

    98th Bomb Group

    The 98th trained for bombardment missions with B-24 Liberators during the first half of 1942. ...

  • 344th Bomb Squadron

    344th Bomb Squadron

    The 344th Bombing Squadron was first activated at MacDill Field, Florida as one of the original three squadrons assigned to the 98th Bombardment Group. The 344th soon moved to Barksdale Field, Louisiana, where it began to train as a Consolidated B-24...


  • 42-40608 The Vulgar Virgin

    B-24 Liberator
    NOTE - The B-24D, 42-40608, Vulgar Virgin, was flown by Lt. Claude Alvin Turner, and was one of two B-24Ds, named, The Vulgar Virgin, in the Mediterranean Theater (MTO). Turner's B-24D (painted olive drab) was originally in the 8th Air Force, in...


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    Military site : airfield


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Black Sunday - Michael Hill

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B-24 - Best Web - SN # 42-40608 - 'The Valient Virgin' ----- Black Sunday - Michael Hill

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B-24 - Best Web - SN # 42-40508 - 'The Vulgar Virgin' - pilot Lt. Claude A Turner from the 8th Air force - the 93rd Bomb Group - and the 328th Bomb Squadron in Britain. Flew on the famous mission to bomb the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania, Aug 1, 1943. Lt. Turner, his crew, and 'The Valient Virgin' were shot down and lost over the North Sea - KIA - Nov 13, 1943.

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The Great Ground-Air Battle Of 1 August 1943 - James Dugan & Carroll Stewart ---- B-24 - Best Web

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