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Scanned copy of original Loading List (operational FLIGHT REPORT) for the B-17E YANKEE DOODLE (41-9023) for the August 17, 1942 97th Bombardment Group Mission #1. Capt. Rudolph E. Flack (414th Bomb Squadron CO and Grafton Underwood Base Commander) served as the mission commander on this flight. The following link plays a historical August 17, 1942 film clip with sound taken by the British media where Capt. Flack is introduced as the ''Commanding Officer'' for this mission by Colonel Armstrong (97th Bomb Group CO) at the 1min 15sec mark; whereby, Capt. Flack stands in front of the entire bomb group to present his pre-mission briefing statement, which completes at the 1min 34sec mark:



  • 97th Bomb Group

    97th Bomb Group

    The 97th Bomb Group flew the Eighth Air Force's first heavy bomber mission from the UK when they bombed a marshalling yard at Rouen on 17 August 1942. Just a month later though the Group were reassigned to the Twelfth Air Force and left England for the...

  • 414th Bomb Squadron


  • John Dowswell

    Military | Major | Pilot

  • Rudolph Flack

    Military | Colonel | Pilot, Squadron CO, Base CO, Wing CO, NASAF Ops Ofcr, 2nd AAF C-of-S
    Rudolph Emil "Rudy" Flack, the son of German emigrates, was born on November 11, 1916 in Fanwood, New Jersey. Rudy’s father (Fred) was a master precision machinist in aircraft manufacturing from 1910 thru 1928 and then worked for MGM Studios as...

  • Carl Schultz

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier
    Flew on 'Yankee Doodle' on first 8th AAF mission on 17 August 1942. He completed his mission tour . Member of Dowswell's crew



  • VIII Bomber Command 1

    17 August 1942
    The US 8AF launches its first strategic bombing raid of the war, sending 12 Boeing B-17Es of the 97BG on a strike against the railyards of Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France, while another six fly a diversionary route. The attacking force is split into two...


  • Grafton Underwood

    Military site : airfield
    Grafton Underwood was built in 1941 by George Wimpey and Co. Ltd. It was the first airfield in England to receive an Eighth Air Force flying unit, when in May 1942 personnel of the 15th Bomb Squadron took up residence. As a satellite airfield for...


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