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Nose art of P-47 #42-22535 belly-landed in a field near Neerwinden, Belgium 20 March 1944. Pilot : Howard P. Maupin (evaded) – The photo comes from page 4 of German report J-710 at, which mixes-up two losses, that of Maupin’s Thunderbolt (Neerwinden) and Charley Garvey’s one, #42-74638 (Loksbergen)…



  • 42-22535 Kathleen Ann

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    Due to too heavy cloud cover, Maupin and wingman Lt William Johnson had to fly back to base. As it was flying at about 4000ft over Belgium, Maupin's Thunderbolt #42-22535 was hit by Flak from the battery at Brustem near Liège, Belgium. With the radio...


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page 4 of German report J-710 at