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357th FG Aces
L to R: Richard Peterson, Leonard "Kit" Carson, John B. England, Clarence "Bud" Anderson



  • 357th Fighter Group

    357th Fighter Group

    The 357th Fighter Group was the first P-51 Mustang Group in the Eighth Air Force, training with them from November 1943 at Raydon, England and entering combat with them in the February of the following year from their new base at Leiston. The Group was...


  • Clarence Anderson

    Military | Colonel | Fighter Pilot-1055 single engine
    Clarence "Bud" Anderson enlisted shortly after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. He earned his pilots wing in September 1942 and joined the 357th Fighter Group a year later. In late 1943, Anderson and the 357th arrived in Europe, where they quickly...

  • Leonard Carson

    Military | Major | Fighter Pilot ; Squadron Commander
    Leonard Carson joined the 357th Fighter Group in April 1943 and shortly after became an Ace. He won most of his victories in his last few months with the 357th, claiming 5 aircraft on one mission on 27 November 1944, becoming their top scoring ACE...

  • John England

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Fighter Pilot
    Flight leader 362nd FS 357th Fighter Group March 1943 - Feb. 1945 ...

  • Richard Peterson

    Military | Major | Fighter Pilot; Operations Officer; Bomber Escort; Dean of 'Clobber College'
    Richard "Pete" Peterson served as a fighter pilot with the 357th Fighter Group. He flew P-51 'Hurry Home Honey'. ...


  • Leiston

    Military site : airfield
    Leiston's location only three miles from the North Sea Coast made it ideal as a Fighter Group air base whose job would be to escort bombers across the sea and over occupied Europe. The air base also witnessed the arrival of many very damaged Allied...


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