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The B-24H Liberator - 42-94812 - LITTLE WARRIOR, shown with Pilot John Jay Oling - standing third from right - at Mountain Home, Idaho, before flying 42-94812 to the UK. Lt. John Jay Oling from the 490th Bomb Group, the 850th Bomb Squadron confirms that he flew this plane to England. This photo was made before Lt. Oling and the crew decided on and painted the name they wanted on 42-94812. At no time was 42-94812 ever called, LITTLE LAKASSAKY. The crew did want to put on a somewhat risqué name, but their concept was squashed as being too bold. The crew then came up with the LITTLE WARRIOR design which was quickly approved. The crew hired a sergeant to paint the design on the nose. It turned out so poorly that Lt. Oling removed it and repainted the nose art himself. It remained unchanged until the day that Lt. Hansen's crew went down with the plane.
The Crew are Back Row L-R
Ralph D. Sanderson - Gunner, John V. Hook - Navigator, Fred I. Griffith - Copilot, John Jay Oling - Pilot, Richard H. Tausch - Bombardier,
John J. Hettrich - R.O.
Front Row, L-R:
Stanley Novak - Engineer, Carl W. Johnson - Gunner, Harold A. Hutt - Gunner, Jose Molinar - Gunner



  • 8th Air Force

    8th Air Force

    Eighth Air Force Bomber Command became the Eighth Air Force on February 1944, it oversaw bombardment of strategic targets in Europe until 1945. ...

  • 490th Bomb Group

    490th Bomb Group

    The 490th Bomb Group, like the 486th and 487th Bomb Groups transitioned from flying B-24 Liberators to B-17 Flying Fortresses, which were used in combat missions from late August 1944. Based at Eye, Suffolk, the Group were focused in the early months...

  • 850th Bomb Squadron


  • Fred Griffith

    Military | Co-Pilot, Pilot
    Member of Oling crew

  • John Hettrich

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Radio Operator - Mechanic Gunner, AAF
    Member of Oling crew

  • John Hook

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator
    Member of Oling crew

  • Harold Hutt

    Military | Airplane Mechanic-Gunner, D
    Member of Oling crew

  • Carl Johnson

    Military | Sergeant | Aerial Gunner
    Member of Oling crew

  • Jose Molinar

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Airplane Mechanic-Gunner
    Member of Oling crew

  • Stanley Novak

    Military | Airplane Mechanic-Gunner, Engineer
    Member of Oling crew

  • John Oling

    Military | First Lieutenant | B-24 Command Pilot
    Lt. John Jay Oling was LITTLE WARRIOR's original pilot in the U.S. before he and his crew named it, LITTLE WARRIOR. He flew 42-94812 to Britain from the U.S. and chose the name, LITTLE WARRIOR and the Indian nose art for the Liberator bomber.

  • Ralph Sanderson

    Military | Airplane Armorer-Gunner, Tail Gunner
    Member of Oling crew

  • Richard Tausch

    Military | Bombardier
    Member of Oling crew


  • 42-94812 LITTLE WARRIOR

    B-24 Liberator
    The B-24H, 42-94812, named, LITTLE WARRIOR, was assigned to the 850th Bomb Squadron, the 490th Bomb Group, and the 8th Air Force USAAF. It was transferred to the 862nd Bomb Squadron, the 493rd Bomb Group, in the 8th Air Force USAAF in Britain. It...


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