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Major Laurence "Scrappy" Blumer of the United States Army Air Corp 367th fighter group, 393rd fighter squadron being re-awarded his military medals in a ceremony by Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon on 6 August 1996. One year before he passed away. Scrappy flew 156 combat missions in his Lockheed P-38 Lightning's in the most dangerous environments of the European Theater of Operations to defeat Hitler's Germany. Scrappy gained renown as one of the most aggressive and destructive pilots in the group, in strafing and bomb missions. He named his planes Scrapiron and as it turns out it was the perfect name because often that's all that was left as he went through 4 of them. Most of the 367th fighter group’s missions were right on the ground, close support for General Patton, Hodges and Bradley. Though he rarely encounter enemy fighter aircraft when he did he excelled and had seven confirmed aerial victories. He was known as the "Fastest Ace in the West". He acquired that title by responding for a call for help from another squadron that had been jumped by approximately 50 FW-190's from veteran Luftwaffe unit JG6. That attack led to one of the greatest fighter versus fighter air battles in U.S. History. It was known as "The day the sky over I ‘Aisne was on fire." during that battle Scrappy with Lt. William Awtrey on his wing without hesitation attacked one FW-190 after another for a total of five destroyed in less than fifteen minutes. On another mission he was shot down by the 17th Panzer Division and despite the Nazi's best efforts to kill or capture him he made it back to base just to declare himself ready for the next mission. Major Laurence "Scrappy" Blumer answered his nations call. With an amazing combat record, the Grace of GOD, unmatched Skill, determination, Incredible Courage and Luck he managed to leave the war but the war never left him. Normally one would never have known of Scrappy’s extensive war record because he was always smiling, telling jokes and making people laugh. He never hesitated to give the shirt of his back to help someone in need and often did. This ceremony presents Scrappy aging, suffering from his war injuries, divorce and Leukemia, but still with that spark in his eye. Just like when his Nation said we need you and Scrappy responded lets go get'em. May GODBLESS Laurence “Scrappy” Blumer, the 367th Fighter Group and all our Brave Hero’s from then and now. We must never forget.




  • Laurence Blumer

    Military | Major | Fighter pilot
    Five German Luftwaffe airplanes during World War II were shot down in less than 15 minutes by one pilot who was born and raised in North Dakota. Because of this, Larry "Scrappy" Blumer earned the title Fastest Ace in the West. For his actions during...


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