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Google Maps Satellite View of Earls Colne Airfield Annotated

The aerial photograph was taken from Google satellite in September 2018. The annotations reflect the site and building numbers from the RAF Earls Colne Site Plan of Record and Schedule of Buildings, dating back to the Second World War. Please refer to one the "About This Image" tab included with one of the other aerial photographs of the airfield for the legend, which associates buildings and site with the numbers noted on the image here.




  • Earls Colne

    Military site : airfield
    Earls Colne was built in 1941 as an airfield for No.3 Group, RAF Bomber Command, although never used as such. Assigned to the US Eighth Air Force (as Station 358) in 1942, its 36 hardstands were increased to 50, bringing the airfield up to Air Ministry...

  • Marks Hall

    Military site : non-airfield
    Marks Hall's estate was requisitioned in 1941 for the construction of Earls Colne airfield (USAAF Station 358). ...


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