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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Ground personnel of the 100th Bomb Group extinguish the burning wreckage of a B-24 Liberator of the 445th Bomb Group that has crashed at Thorpe Abbotts. Written on slide casing: '445 BG Co Thorpe Abbotts, 6/4/45.'



  • 100th Bomb Group

    100th Bomb Group

    "The Bloody Hundredth", so-called because of a reputation for losing a high number aircraft and crews, flew B-17s from Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk. Their losses were not the highest of any Eighth Air Force Group but on several occasions the Group lost many...

  • 445th Bomb Group

    445th Bomb Group

    The 445th Bomb Group flew B-24 Liberators from Tibenham, Norfolk. The crews' first mission was bombing U-boat installations at Kiel on 13 December 1943. The Group continued to hit strategic targets in Germany, including the aircraft components factory...


  • William Shank

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot
    Was Pilot of B-24 # 44-48854 of 445th BG/ 701st BS when it crashed attempting to land at Thorpe Abbotts on 6 April 1945.


  • Thorpe Abbotts

    Military site : airfield
    Home of the 'Bloody Hundredth’, a Bomb Group with a reputation for high casualty rates, Thorpe Abbotts was under USAAF control from June 1943 to the end of the war. Some of the airfield survives today, and the control tower houses the 100th Bomb Group...


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