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12 1944-01-27 Aircraft: B-17G (#42-31023).
Organization: 339BS / 96BG of Snetterton Heath, Norfolk.
......Pilot: Lemanski, Richard F.........
Notes: crash landing.
Location: Troston, Suffolk England.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 4
source: Aviation Archaeology
As Lt. Lemanski commented, "Not a way to land an airplane but ANY landing you can walk away from is a good landing!"



  • 96th Bomb Group

    96th Bomb Group

    The 96th Bomb Group flew B-17 Flying Fortresses to targets across occupied Europe from May 1943 to April 1945. ...


  • Richard Lemanski

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Pilot
    Completed 11 missions to Ludwigshaven, Brunswick, Wilhelmshaven, Frankfort, Rostock, Poznan, Belgium, French and Polish objectives. ...


  • 42-31023

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 3/9/43; Scott 27/9/43; Assigned 339BS/96BG [QJ-Q] Snetterton 15/10/43; with no crew named, crash landed RAF Honington 29/1/44; Salvaged 18/4/44. SKYBALL.


  • 8th Air Force 198

    29 January 1944
    The primary target for this mission was the railroad marshalling yards and industrial areas of Frankfurt, Germany. A combined force of 863 heavy bombers were despatched in three elements to make the attack. The combined bomber gunner claims on enemy...


  • Snetterton Heath

    Military site : airfield
    Intended to be an RAF bomber base, construction of Snetterton Heath started in Autumn 1942 but continued until mid-1943, because it was extended after allocation as an Eighth Air Force bomber base. It had eventually three concrete runways, 50...


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Completed 11 missions to Ludwigshaven , Brunswick, Wilhelmshaven........, Frankfort Mission 198.....
, Rostock, Poznan, Belgium, French and Polish objectives. Shot down by ME 109s on the mission to Berlin on 8 March 1944 in B-17 #4231576. Spent 20th and 21st birthdays and fourteen months as a Prisoner of War (POW) in Stalag Luft 1 in Barth, Germany. Was the youngest pilot in the 96th Bomb Group and probably in the 8th AF. Although some seriously injured, all crew members survived to return home safely. Crew was credited with many fighter kills.