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Capt Clark Gable peers out of a waist gunner's window on a Boeing B-17 to answer questions during an interview, 6 June 1943. 351st Bomb Group, England.

NARA Ref 342-FH-3A46689-66587AC.



  • Clark (William Gable

    Military | Major | Cameraman, Gunner, Actor
    Clark Gable flew at least 5 missions as Captain filming 50,000 ft of gunnery combat during 1943. He received the Air Medal for his service. 1 mission was flown with the 303rd BG. The rest were with the 351st BG in different aircraft. The film was named...


  • 42-5077 Delta Rebel No. 2

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Tulsa 15 September 1942, arrived in Bangor, Northern Ireland 11 October 1942; Assigned to the 323 Bomb Squadron/ 91st Bomb Group [coded OR-T] at Bassingbourn on 15 October 1942. On 1 May 1943, Delta Rebel No. 2 became the first B-17 Flying Fortress...


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