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"Devils Mistress" 42-97252 TU-K.



  • 398th Bomb Group

    398th Bomb Group

    The 398th Bomb Group flew B-17 Flying Fortresses from Nuthampstead, Hertfordshire on strategic bombing raids over Germany. The Group switched focus in the days before D-Day, when they targeted enemy positions on the Cherbourg peninsula. When the Allies...

  • 510th Bomb Squadron


  • 42-97252 Devil's Mistress

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 11/2/44; Rapid City 5/3/44; Dow Fd 28/4/44; Assigned 398BG Nuthampstead 6/5/44; no ops, transferred 510BS/351BG [TU-K] Polebrook 24/5/44; 103m Returned to the USA Bradley 11/6/45; 4168 Base Unit, South Plains, Texas 21/10/45;...


  • Nuthampstead

    Military site : airfield
    Built during 1942-43, Nuthampstead was the nearest Eighth Air Force heavy bomber base to London. It had three concrete runways, 50 loop hardstandings and two dispersed T2 hangars. It was first occupied from September 1943 to April 1944 by the 55th...


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398th Bomb Group Collection via Nuthampstead Airfield Museum.

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Chris Brassfield

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398th Bomb Group Collection via Nuthampstead Airfield Museum.