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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Ground crew of the 92nd Bomb Group load bombs onto a B-17 Flying Fortress at Bovingdon. Image stamped on reverse: 'Planet News Passed by Censor.'[stamp]. 'Return to P.I.D' [stamp].'Copyright B.L.Davis'[stamp]. Printed caption on reverse: 'NOT TO BE PUBLISHED BEFORE THE DAILY NEWSPAPERS ON TUESDAY - 20th October 1942. AMERICAN FORTRESS BOMBERS IN BRITAIN PREPARE FOR NEXT MOVE. These pictures of American Fortress bombers were taken at the operational station of the United States Army Air Forces operating in Britain. The bombers have carried out many successful raids on enemy territory, but have so far operated by daylight only. They are now busy at their base somewhere in England, getting ready for their next surprise attack. PHOTO SHOWS:- Men of the ground staff of the United States Army Air Force, busy at bombing-up the 'planes just before a take-off at the operational 'drome somewhere in England. AND 19th October, 1942. PN-s CENSOR NO:227604/5/6/7/8.'



  • 92nd Bomb Group Fame's Favoured Few

    92nd Bomb Group Fame's Favoured Few

    The 92nd Group sometime after arrivial in the UK converted to the role of in-theater combat crew indocrination and training. For this role, the Group traded its B-17F complement and obtained the B-17E, mostly from the 97th BG which was departing for...


  • Bovingdon

    Military site : airfield
    Bovingdon, in Hertfordshire (often confused with Bovington, Dorset), was built in 1941-42 as a bomber station but was never developed into a fully-fledged heavy bomber airfield as it did not have the required 2,000 yard runway. ...


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