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D-Day - 6th June, 1944. Wallace B. Frank, Lt. Col. Wallace E. Hopkins, Major George R. Rew, Capt. George Lichter, Lt. Col. Roy Webb, Lt. Edward Murdy. Briefing Room, Bottisham.
Museum object reference no. BAM_0579



  • Wallace Frank

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot, Pilot
    Killed in Action (KIA) crashed near Gace in P-51 #4324759

  • Wallace Hopkins

    Military | Lieutenant | Pilot

  • George Lichter

    Military | Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot

  • Edward Murdy

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot

  • George Rew

    Military | Major | Pilot - Squadron Commander

  • Roy Webb

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Commanding Officer; Fighter Pilot
    P-47D 'Sweet Thing'. P-51D 'Sweet Thing IV' 4 air, 5 grnd


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Associated Edward Barron Murdy, George Lichter, George Robert Rew, Roy A. Webb, Wallace B. Frank and Wallace E. Hopkins by names given in caption

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Information provided by Bottisham Airfield Museum