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Official USAAF caption : "ENGLAND - 8th Air Force fighter pilots sit listening intently to the intelligence officer as he briefs them on the day's mission, outlining their targets and escort duties."
These are 55th Fighter Group / 338th Fighter Squadron pilots :
1st row, 2nd from left : Captain Michael Alba; 3rd from left : Albert J. Ramm
2nd row, 1st from left : Captain Ettry J. Oates ; third from left : William P. Gebhardt
(Alba, Oates and Gebhardt identified by Doug Sheley) - Others : unknown.



  • 55th Fighter Group

    55th Fighter Group

    The 55th Fighter Group were the first P-38 Lightning Group to go fully operational from England. The pilots flew long-range escort missions for bombers flying over occupied Europe and racked up 'kills' of their own by destroying enemy aircraft in...

  • 338th Fighter Squadron


  • Michael Alba

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot
    Born in Pasadena, California, Michael Alba grew up in Simi Valley where his family worked in the orchards. He was a 1937 teammate of future baseball star Jackie Robinson at the Pasadena City College, practicing on Catalina Island with the Cubs team....

  • William Gebhardt

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot
    William Gebhardt was a pilot in the 55th Fighter Group / 338th Fighter Squadron, which he was assigned to on 18 June 1944. On 10 July 1944, he was momentarily put on detached service to the 357th Fighter Group/364th Fighter Squadron at Leiston, Suffolk...

  • Ettry Oates

    Military | Captain | Pilot
    Growing up in Mexia, Ettry Oates attended Mexia High School. Afterwards, he started studies in September 1938 at the Texas Technological College in Lubbock. He enlisted in the Air Corps in April 1942 and completed his basic training at Randolph Field,...

  • Albert Ramm

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot
    Albert Ramm was a Pilot in the 55th Fighter Group / 338th Fighter Squadron. Assigned to the Squadron on 11 August 1944, he flew a total of 67 missions and is listed as a Flying Ace, credited with : ...


  • Wormingford

    Military site : airfield
    Wormingford was a Royal Flying Corps/RAF anti-Zeppelin aircraft Landing Ground First World War, rebuilt for the Eighth Air Force 1942-43. It was a Ninth Air Force base from 1943-44, and home to the 362nd Fighter Group. Switching back to the Eighth Air...


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