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Left to right : 2nd Lt Ewart T. Sconiers, 2nd Lt Richard S. Starks and 1st Lt Frank R. Beadle, taking a look at Richard Starks' Distinguished Service Cross after the awards ceremony at Polebrook on 12 September 1942. Starks still wears a bandage on his right hand.



  • Frank Beadle

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Navigator; Bombardier
    Was Bombardier on the lead ship on the 8th very first mission in 1942 to Rouen. He kept a bomb pin as a souvenier. Plane name was 'Butcher Shop' B-17 #2578. Paul Tibbets was the pilot, Col Frank Armstrong was the co-pilot Navigator was Lt. Levon...

  • Ewart Sconiers

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier
    Lt Ewart Sconiers was Bombardier on B-17 #41-9089 'Johnny Reb', one of the 12 B-17s participating in the first heavy bomber raid of the 8th Air Force on 17 August 1942. The target were the shipyards of Rouen/Sotteville, France. ...

  • Richard Starks

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot
    Richard Starks grew up in Woodford County, Kentucky. He attended the Midway High School and the University of Kentucky before enlisting in April 1941. After his enlistment, he was sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma for primary training, starting to fly the...


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