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Page 85 of the Duxford Diary.
Many of the 8th Air Force Groups produced an unofficial unit history in the months after the war ended in Europe but before they were redeployed out of the ETO (‘European Theater of Operations’). The Duxford Diary was the book created by and for the service personnel who were based at Duxford at the end of the war in Europe, as a memento of their time at the airfield.

Resembling a college yearbook, unit histories were an unofficial – and often tongue-in-cheek – record of the unit’s time in the UK. They include photo montages showing different aspects of base life. Often the servicemen in the photos are unnamed. The American Air Museum hopes that by adding unit histories to the website as individual pages, the men in the photos will be identified and associated to their person entries.



  • 78th Fighter Group

    78th Fighter Group

    The 78th Fighter Group was initially based at Goxhill but moved to Duxford in April 1943 and stayed there until October 1945. The 78th FG flew each of the three US built principal fighters of the AAF in the ETO. In their Thundetbolts, the 78th FG ...


  • Harold Barnaby

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot
    Assigned to 83FS, 78FG, 8AF USAAF. Transferred to VIII Fighter Command. ETD. Awards: SS, AM, WWII Victory, EAME.

  • Robert Bonebrake

    Military | Captain | Fighter pilot
    Assigned to 83FS, 78FG, 8AF USAAF. Credited with 5 x kills (3 x air, 2 x ground). Awards: WWII Victory, EAME.

  • Robert Bosworth

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter pilot
    Assigned to 78FS, 82FG, 8AF USAAF. Credited with 1 x kill and 5 x destroyed (ground). Ended Tour of Duty (ETD). Awards: WWII Victory, EAME.

  • Gerald Brasher

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter pilot
    Gerald E 'Jerry' Brasher served as a pilot with the 78th Fighter Group. He was a ace with 6 kills to his credit. 1 x confirmed [Air], 5 x confirmed [Ground]. Transferred to 310FRS, 27ATG, 8AF USAAF. Awards: WWII Victory, EAME.

  • Merle Capp

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter pilot
    Lt Merle R. Capp was destined to join the list of high-scoring pilots of the 78th FG with a tally of 2 air and 2.5 ground 'kills'. The youngest of three sons of a Colonel in the regular Army he was currently attending the University of Carolina when he...

  • Richard Conner

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Fighter pilot
    Russia evader ...

  • Olin Gilbert

    Military | Colonel | Pilot
    78th FG. Lt Col Gilbert was the 78th Fighter Group’s fifth Commanding Officer taking office on 29th January 1945. ...

  • Francis Harrington

    Military | Second Lieutenant

  • Richard Hewitt

    Military | Major | Pilot
    Richard Hewitt served as a pilot with the 78th Fighter Group. ...

  • John Kirk

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot
    73 missions with P-47 and P-51. (19-12-44; 19-12-44; 19-03-45; 21-03-45 dates of air shoot downs) DFC/ AM w/ 15 Oak Leaf Cluster/ ETO w/ 3 Battle Stars 4 Air, 4 Ground

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  • Duxford

    Military site : airfield
    RAF Duxford, now a museum and still a working airfield, was operated by the USAAF from 1943 to 1945. The base was briefly the home of the 350th Fighter Group in late 1942, but it was not until April 1943 that it became a fully American station when the...


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These scans were made from a copy of the Duxford Diary in IWM’s Collections. This is one of the copies printed in September 1945 by the Duxford Diary Staff and Committee for the American units stationed at the airfield.