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Crew pose in front of C-47 Skytrain 42-92847 'That's All Brother' of 87th Troop Carrier Squadron, 438th Troop Carrier Group, 9th AF. Lead ship of Mission Albany the air dropping of 6600 US paratroops into Normandy, France on the eve of D-Day.

Barney Blankenship (Navigator) is kneeling bottom left, John M Donalson (Pilot) is stood behind him.

The Crew who flew the aircraft on D-Day were:
Lt. Col. John M. Donalson, Command Pilot (438th Troop Carrier Group Commander)
Lt. Col. David E. Daniel, Pilot (87th Squadron Commander)
1st Lt. Barney Blankenship, Co-Pilot,
2nd Lt. John N. Shallcross, Navigator,
S.Sgt. Harry A. Chalfant, Crew Chief
2nd Lt. Robert G. Groswird, 2nd Navigator,
S.Sgt. Woodrow S. Wilson, Radio Operator (wounded by flak during the D-Day mission).



  • Barney Blankenship

    Military | Captain | Co-Pilot
    Assigned to 87TCS, 438TCG, 9AF USAAF. Co-Pilot of C-47 Skytrain 42-92847 'That's All Brother'. Lead ship of Mission Albany the air dropping of 6600 US paratroops into Normandy, France on the eve of D-Day. 27 x combat missions. ...

  • John Donalson

    Military | Major General | Command Pilot / Group Commander
    Gen. Donalson was the 2nd person inducted into the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame. ...


  • 42-92847 'That's All Brother'

    C-47 Skytrain
    Lead aircraft of Mission Albany the US airborne drop on the eve of D-Day. Led 432 aircraft dropping 6,600 paratroopers behind enemy lines on the Cotentin Peninsula of Normandy. ...


  • Greenham Common

    Military site : airfield
    Built for the RAF in 1942 as an Operational Training Unit, it was handed over to the Eighth Air Force in 1942, and was the 51st Troop Carrier Wing's HQ in 1942. Greenham Common became a Ninth Air Force base in 1943, and was then home to a series of...


Date Contributor Update
02 August 2018 14:25:32 Emily Changes to caption and person associations

Amended associations and caption after corresponding with Scott Shallcross, son of John Shallcross (Navigator of 'That's All Brother' on D-Day) who confirmed his father is not depicted.

The Kickstarter page for the Commemorative Air Force, who still fly "That's All Brother" credits the image to Barney Blankenship, and confirms that only Blankenship and Donalson have been identified in the image.

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