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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

A battle-damaged B-17 Flying Fortress (FC-L, serial number 42-102673) of the 571st Bomb Squadron, 390th Bomb Group at Manston, 14 July 1944. Official caption on image: "ISAD - 14 July 44 - (1874) - W.P.U. Battle Damage B-17G - 42-102673 - Manston, R.Z." Handwritten caption on reverse: '390th Bomb Group, 13th Combat Wing, 3rd Air Division, FS.'



  • 3rd Air Division

    3rd Air Division

    In December 1944, the 3rd Bomb Division was redesginated the 3rd Air Division.

  • 390th Bomb Group

    390th Bomb Group

    The 390th Bomb Group flew B-17 Flying Fortresses from Framlingham, Suffolk, between July 1943 and the end of the war in Europe. The Group was engaged in strategic missions until the invasion of Europe when its role became more of a tactical one. This...

  • 571st Bomb Squadron


  • 42-102673 Preferred Risk, Good Old Yank

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Cheyenne 25/3/44; Hunter 16/4/44; Dow Fd 2/5/44; Assigned 571BS/390BG [FC-B] Framlingham 4/5/44 PREFERRED RISK; Missing in Action Derben, Ger 14/1/45 with Joe Lewis, John Ruane, Earl Morrison, John Koralwski, John Porcher (5 Killed in Action)...


  • Manston

    Military site : airfield
    Built for Royal Naval Air Service use in the First World War, it was both an RAF and Fleet Air Arm base from 1918-50, and after the war a USAF Strategic Air Command base from 1950-51, a United States Air Forces Europe base from 1950-58, an RAF station...


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